March 2014

Icy Fishing

We are finally slowly coming out of a brutal winter.  By some estimates there are still 15 inches of ice on some of the lakes in Pennsylvania.

Sock Burning means Spring has Sprung

We boaters and anglers rely on weather reports, but if you want to see a difference of opinions then look no further than they way we get our forecasts

Reasons to Take a Fishing Trip to the Ten Thousand Islands

As the sun rises over the expansive mangrove forests and back country tidal flats of the Ten Thousand Islands, you might see the glistening silver back of a tarpon rolling near the edge of a drop-off or the tail of a redfish softly breaking the surface of the water as it searches for a crustacean meal.

4 Spring Midwestern Fishing Hot Spots

The snow has melted, the trees are beginning to bud, and the drag on many a fishing reel has started to sing along with the birds.


The bass ranks among the most popular freshwater fish in the United States.

Happy Birthday Rubber Worm!

This year, one of our go-to lures of all times celebrates its 65th birthday.  Since the day the rubber worm jumped on to the scene it has been a staple among recreational and competitive anglers.

Sweet Home Alabama

If Virginia is for Lovers then Alabama is for anglers.

How to Prevent Soft Plastics from Becoming an Environmental Nuisance

A bit over a year ago, Maine state representative Paul Davis proposed legislation prohibiting the use of all plastic worms for recreational fishing.

Stalking the Stockings

It is almost that time of year again in Pennsylvania. Beginning about the second week of March, trout from PA state hatcheries will be dispersed to 700 streams and 100 lakes around the state. Thousands of miles of streams receive an exciting boost with almost 4 million brook, rainbow, and brown trout.

5 Saltwater Fish You Don't Want to Catch

Sharp teeth, stinging barbs and odd croaking sounds are just a few of the reasons why anglers aren't fond of catching certain saltwater fish species.

Rest and Reload

Kevin VanDam knew how to let one small cove rest and reload for 3 days to win the 2010 Bassmaster Classic.

Get Ready to Splash

We’re coming off what seems like an Endless Winter, with even traditionally tropical regions getting cold temperatures if not snow.  Regardless, it’ll soon be spring and that means it’s time to get your boat ready for the water.  Here are some check points to consider.

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