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How to Find the Best Crappie Fishing in Texas

How to Find the Best Crappie Fishing in Texas

By Andy Whitcomb

Mar 15, 2021

Here is how to find the best crappie fishing in Texas. Crappies are common in Texas but it is a big state, the lakes in this article are a wonderful place to successfully catch this species.

Although bass may get most of the attention, crappie fishing in Texas is a big deal. Highly prized not for savage strikes, dramatic leaps, or ability to make a drag scream but because when you catch one, you may be on a pile of them. And frankly, except for perhaps walleye or yellow perch, it would be difficult to top crappie fillets.

How to find the best crappie fishing lakes in Texas


Visit the Texas parks and wildlife page

There are so many from which to choose, I suggest starting your investigation of where to fish Texas by visiting the Texas parks and wildlife department. This is a BIG state, and you will want to spend most of your time on the water, rather than on the road. To assist with locating the best crappie fishing in Texas, the parks and wildlife department has divided the state into these regions: Panhandle Plains, Prairie and Lakes, Pineywoods, Gulf Coast, South Texas Plains, Hill Country, and Big Bend Country.


Check fishing reports

Within each region exists recent Texas crappie fishing reports. Here, you will learn each lake’s water clarity, temperature, depth, and may even get an idea of where to start casting. The best crappie fishing in Texas not only varies by year, but from week to week as various influencing factors come into play such as forage availability, spawning success, and water level. For example at time of writing, Lake Conroe was good in the Pineywoods region and Lake Stamford in the Panhandle Plains region, but in a couple of weeks, Sam Rayburn or Possum Kingdom may become hotter crappie destinations in their respective regions.


Tips for catching crappies

Tips for crappie fishing always include locating structure such as docks or standing or fallen timber and crappie fishing in Texas is no different. Crappie can be caught on lures such as small crankbaits, spoons, and spinnerbaits, but small jigs or small minnows with light line and long limber rods usually have a higher success rate. Spawn occurs when water exceeds 60 degrees, which is usually sometime between March and May. This concentrates a fish that already is gregarious so this may be the best time to fish for crappie in Texas.

When you are getting your Texas fishing license, be sure to check the regulations. Anglers are able to keep a large number: 25. However, statewide harvest size is 10” minimum but could vary from lake to lake to help manage constantly shifting populations.

Andy Whitcomb
Andy Whitcomb
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