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How To Plan The Perfect Spring Fishing Trip

How To Plan The Perfect Spring Fishing Trip

By Jeff Bogle

Mar 17, 2022

Spring fishing is coming! Check out this guide — from picking your spot to preparing your gear — for how to plan the perfect spring fishing trip!

Spring fishing is coming! For many anglers, the end of winter is a time of great promise and excitement as visions of spring fishing trips rise up like salmon in a rushing river! A lot goes into planning a spring fishing trip, from whether you should pick your spot in advance or make boat arrangements early, and the best spring fishing trips usually happen after you organize your tackle box, put new line on everything, and research spring fishing destinations sure to deliver the best catches and most convenience. Here’s our guide to help you plan the perfect spring fishing trip for yourself, your family or group of friends!

Pick Your Spot in Advance

The first step in planning a spring fishing trip is to pick your spot in advance and make the necessary arrangements based on several key factors, including:


1. The weather

You will want to know what to expect regarding temperature, precipitation, and wind so that you can adequately prep and pack for your perfect spring fishing trip.


2. The fish

You will need to know what you are fishing for and know what species you want to catch so that you can check your fishing gear to ensure you have all of the lures, line, reels, and bait needed for the spring fishing destinations you’ll be visiting.


3. Availability of supplies

From live bait to groceries, you will want to pick a spring fishing spot that provides easy access to everything you will need to plan the perfect spring fishing trip.

Book Your Charter Early

If you have your own vessel, you will likely want to take your boat to the shop now to get her ready for spring fishing season. If you need to make boat arrangements when planning a spring fishing trip, it’s best to book your charter early. Not only will this kind of advance planning guarantee that you are able to book your first choice time and date(s) but also that you get the best price from your captain.

Organize Your Tackle Box

Planning a spring fishing trip is equal parts logistics and excitement. One of the things you can do to take simple pleasure in the spring fishing trips you have scheduled and put on the calendar is to flex those fine motor skills in your shed, garage or even at the kitchen table. When you organize your tackle box, clean out last season’s residue, check your fishing gear, and restock your supply of lures, floats, beads, and hooks, you will be that much closer to getting out on the water this spring!

Fishing License

There are plenty of free fishing days and weekends already on the books in states across the country but your best spring fishing trips might need to take place on other days, when a license will be required. Each state has their own regulations and offers licenses that vary from a single day use to a lifetime. When planning a spring fishing trip, find out where to buy a fishing license, the types of fishing licenses available, age requirements, fishing regulations for your spring fishing trip destinations.

Are you prepared for spring fishing now? As you continue to plan the perfect spring fishing trip, check out four of the best species to catch during spring fishing trips with your family!

Jeff Bogle
Jeff Bogle
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