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Fall Boat Shows in October

Fall Boat Shows in October

By Tom Keer

Sep 30, 2015

A buddy of mine attended several fall boat shows, and after a pretty good search he just texted me a picture of his new vessel.

A buddy of mine attended several fall boat shows, and after a pretty good search he just texted me a picture of his new vessel. She's sleek, she's new, and she is gorgeous. After test rides in numerous boats he finally took the plunge. I asked him if he needed help tricking it out and he said he was already done. How'd he do that so fast?

Fall boat shows have an additional benefit in that representatives from many different companies are on hand to discuss options. My buddy wanted an outboard different from the package, so he visited with sales reps from a few different motor companies and worked out a great deal. He had some questions about the benefits of two-stroke and four-stroke engines as well as about options for trolling motors. When he was done he headed over to the electronics area where he demoed a wide-variety of fish and depth finders, chart plotters, marine radios, and other boat equipment. With a sense of the total cost of his (I'm hoping to change that to “' our'”) new fishing boat, he worked out financing and insurance.

The deal is sealed, he takes delivery on May 1st, 2016, and all that remains is general boat safety equipment and time to splash. I checked my schedule, and oddly enough I'm free on May 1st…

Part of what made his search so easy was that he had already done a lot of research. He visited a variety of different marinas and he combed through a tremendous number of websites. Both were essential for gathering information to buy a boat, but fall boat shows offer a total experience; after all, where else can you test, equip, finance and insure your fishing boat all in one convenient location?

We're going to have a great season next year. Provided, of course, I don't wear out my welcome…

Take a look at this checklist on how to buy a new boat before hitting one of the following October 2015 Fall Boat Shows:

Trawler Fest Baltimore, MD
09/29/15 - 10/04/15 Baltimore, MD

Atlantic City In-Water Powerboat Show
10/01/15 - 10/04/15 Atlantic City, NJ

Tampa Boat Show
10/02/15 - 10/04/15 Tampa, FL

Tobay Beach In-Water Boat Show
10/02/15 - 10/04/15 Massapequa, NY

Anacortes Fall Boat Show
10/02/15 - 10/04/15 Anacortes, WA

Southern Outer Banks Boat Show
10/03/15 - 10/04/15 Morehead City, NC

US Sailboat Show-Annapolis Sailboat Show
10/08/15 - 10/12/15 Annapolis, MD

US Powerboat Show-Annapolis Powerboat Show
10/15/15 - 10/18/15 Annapolis, MD

Tom Keer
Tom Keer
Tom Keer is an award-winning writer who lives on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  He is a columnist for the Upland Almanac, a Contributing Writer for Covey Rise magazine, a Contributing Editor for both Fly Rod and Reel and Fly Fish America, and a blogger for the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation’s Take Me Fishing program.  Keer writes regularly for over a dozen outdoor magazines on topics related to fishing, hunting, boating, and other outdoor pursuits.  When they are not fishing, Keer and his family hunt upland birds over their three English setters.  His first book, a Fly Fishers Guide to the New England Coast was released in January 2011.  Visit him at or at