All Purpose Fishing Boats

These small fishing boats are intended for those who fish for just about everything.

Fishing can be a memory maker for you and your family that will give you long days out on the water. Finding the best all-purpose fishing boat is the key to having a great time fishing for you and your family.

All-Purpose Fishing Boat Details

Average Length: 15 to 20 ft.
Capacity: 5
Propulsion Type: Outboard engine, trolling motor
Trailerable: Yes
Hull Type: Varied

About All-Purpose Fishing Boat

These small fishing boats, common in freshwater and saltwater, are intended for those who fish for just about everything. An all-purpose fishing boat will have a higher freeboard (sits higher in the water) than bass boats and have an easier time in rough water when pursuing largemouth bass, muskie and pike. The driver's area is simple; some small fishing boats even use a steer-by-tiller layout with spaces for fishing gear and several bench or pedestal-style seats. Livewells, rod lockers, a bow (front) or transom (aft or rear motor mounting position) trolling motor and powerful outboard power are the rule.

Activities You Can Do With Your Family on an All-Purpose Fishing Boat

All-purpose fishing boats are some of the most versatile types of fishing boats. These highly functional boats can be used on rivers, ponds and lakes – even larger lakes, as long as the weather is cooperative.  Small fishing boats are best used – for safety reasons— on smaller bodies of water that are not as likely to have severe weather.  You can even go water skiing and tubing on all-purpose fishing boats that have powerful outboard engines.  All-purpose fishing boats are also a great way to take friends and family for a cruise on the water or to watch the sun set.

Advantages of an All-Purpose Fishing Boat

Multi-purpose fishing boats typically have designs that are much like what you would see with bass boats, but they generally have hulls that have deeper angles to them.  This versatility is a major advantage. Different types of boat hulls offer different types of benefits, and a deeper hull can give you the ability to cut through the water more easily.  These boats can be used for anglers, but they also work for fishing on saltwater and, depending on the size of the boat, can be used for big game fishing.  They are also ideal for family fun and simply enjoying being out on the water.

Advice From Experts

Experts suggest that in terms of the features of a boat, finding the best fishing boat for you will depend on how you see yourself using the boat.  All-purpose fishing boats can take you and a couple of friends out for a day of fishing or can even carry your whole family.  Generally, these designs offer a windscreen, which may be full or partial, and will protect you and your guests from blowing winds as you travel to your fishing site.  An outboard motor is the standard type of engine included in an all-purpose fishing boat.

Why Buy This Boat

With a capacity of about eight people and a standard length of up to about 24 feet, all-purpose fishing boats can make it easy to fish.  Included in these boats are livewells and coolers to keep your fish fresh until you get back to shore.  Your boat may even have rod holders and a trolling motor.  The trolling motor allows you to move from place to place without having to start your outboard.

Don’t forget to register your boat, check your state boating rules and regulations before you leave the dock. Learn more about bass boats in our next section.