Bass Boats

Bass boats have low, sleek profiles and are built to fish with three anglers on board.

There is no better feeling than coming in from a long day on the water feeling relaxed and rested. Bass fishing can do that! If you are thinking that you are ready to purchase your own bass fishing boat, then there are some things to consider before you make your purchase.

Bass Boat Details

Average Length: 16 to 25 ft. 
Capacity: 5 
Propulsion Type: Outboard engine, jet engine  
Trailerable: Yes 
Hull Type: Varied 

Activities You Can Do With Your Family on Bass Fishing Boats

In addition to bass fishing, you can spend an enjoyable day on the water looking at nature with a bass fishing boat. Small bass boats can easily get close to shore, go into weed-filled areas and go right to the edge of a pond, where fish may be hiding or where your kids might like to find other types of wildlife. With a very low draft ratio, these boats offer bass fishermen the opportunity to seek out fish in areas that other boat designs simply couldn’t tackle without getting stuck. It is also a great boat for photographers who want to get nature shots they simply couldn’t from shore.

Advantages of Bass Fishing Boats

Bass fishing boats are ones that have been specifically designed for bass fishing. In general, these boats can vary in size from about 16 feet to 25 feet, with the cheapest bass boats in the smaller size range.

Small bass boats are ideal for a day on the water with their trolling motor. This small electric motor attached near the bow of the boat is a quiet way to move your boat without startling fish with your outboard. You can quickly start your trolling motor, move your bass boat into a new position and resume your fishing without noise or damage to your outboard. This is especially helpful when taking advantage of extremely shallow areas, as your outboard could get stuck in the mud.

Advice From Experts

Most experts say that bass fishing boats should have some features included to make your fishing the most comfortable. Look for bass boats with swivel chairs that allow fishermen to turn and twist in any direction while staying comfortably seated. This means you can cast off the bow, port, starboard or stern with no issues. Most bass boats also offer coolers and livewells that will not only hold food supplies and drinks for the day but also provide a way to keep your fish alive until you get back to shore. Upgrades to a bass boat can include a GPS and even a fish finder, which can help you to see the schools of fish underwater.

Why Buy a Bass Fishing Boat

Bass boats are an ideal choice for fishermen who want the comfort and convenience of a boat that is specifically designed for a day of fishing on the water. Complete with coolers, livewells and comfortable swivel chairs, bass boats are made for fishing. One of the design characteristics that makes bass fishing boats work for long family days on the water is the type of hull they include. Known for having a flat bottom with a very shallow draft, these boats are what makes fishing fun.

Don’t forget to register your boat, check your state boating rules and regulations before you leave the dock. Learn more about bowriders in our next section.