NJ Freshwater Fishing Limits

Learn New Jersey freshwater fishing limits and regulations before you go. This section can help you better understand freshwater fishing limits in New Jersey, how to get your fishing license in New Jersey and more.

Fishing Limits in New Jersey

New Jersey freshwater fishing limits, just as with the fishing limits in any other state, are regulations that are put into place to help maintain healthy fish populations in our waterways. These regulations include special conservation zones, seasons, daily limits, and minimum size requirements for each species that everyone who fishes in New Jersey must abide by.

NJ Freshwater Fishing Limit Information

Following these New Jersey fishing regulations isn't hard, you can find all of the information you need online or contact the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife for a copy of the current freshwater fishing regulations. These state regulations will include specifics on the size limits, bag limits, seasons, and any other laws that may apply.

Following New Jersey Fishing Limits and Regulations

Now that you know why freshwater limits are put into place and where to find a current list of the regulations, keep a few tips in mind as you learn how to freshwater fish in New Jersey.

  • Check with the state agency regarding apps or downloadable PDF files of current regulations so that you have easy access to information regarding fishing limits while on the water. Or, if you have a hard copy book on how to tie freshwater fishing knots that you take on your fishing trips, print off the regulations and keep a copy inside of the book for reference.
  • If you plan to fish for trout, know that there are special trout regulations that apply to brown, rainbow, and brook trout in the state of New Jersey. These special regulations may include gear restrictions on certain waterways, such as the use of artificial lures or flies only and the use of barbless hooks.
  • When fishing for trout or salmon, you will need a trout stamp in addition to your valid New Jersey fishing license. You can buy your New Jersey fishing license and trout stamp online.

Remember, New Jersey freshwater fishing limits are put into place and enforced to help ensure the conservation of our fish populations.