Get a Tennessee Fishing License

Connect with nature and experience the great outdoors by taking a fishing trip with the family on one of Tennessee's many lakes or rivers. Before visiting one of the state's top spots, be sure you know the requirements for fishing licenses.

Get a Tennessee Fishing License
Fishing License


Since fishing regulations help protect and preserve fish in our state fish populations, it is important that every angler check the current set of regulations before each fishing trip. All states have a distinct set of regulations, and most are updated by the season or by the month.


Imagine what a lake, pond, stream, river or ocean would be like if there were no fishing regulations in place. Fish populations would become depleted or even extinct. Given the pleasure fishing brings to millions of people, we all need to do our part to contribute towards conservation by knowing and understanding the importance of state fishing laws before visiting one of the top fishing spots in Tennessee.

Fishing License Information

Anyone 13 years and older is required to have a fishing license in Tennessee. For resident anglers under 13, a permit is not required.

A permit is also not required for military personnel on leave. Orders must be carried. A license is not required to fish on privately owned land.

Residents born before March 1, 1926 do not need a license but must be prepared to present proof of age and residency to wildlife officers.

All permits are valid from the time of purchase until the last day of February.

Where to Purchase
Purchase a Tennessee fishing license online at Licenses can also be purchased through local agents.

The minimum annual Tennessee fishing license for residents is $34 annually and covers basic fishing and small game. Junior hunt, fish, and trap licenses for teens ages 13-1 are $10 annually. A county of residence license allows anglers to fish with natural bait, excluding minnows, in their county of residence. Artificial lures cannot be used with this license.

An additional permit is required to trout fish and costs $22 annually. Fishing on South Holston Lake also requires an additional permit which costs #22 annually.

One-day fishing permits for all species is available for $6.50.

Annual permits for disabled residents are $10. The permit allows hunting and fishing. Permanent licenses for anglers in a wheelchair, blind, or receiving SSI benefits due to intellectual disability costs $10

Permanent licenses for disabled veterans with a rating of 30% or more due to war service or who are rated 100% due to service-connected disability are also $10.

Tennessee fish and game licenses are also available.

For nonresidents, a Tennessee fishing license is $50 annually. An annual permit that also includes trout fishing is $99.

Three-day permits are available for nonresidents for $20.50 or $40.50 to include trout. Ten-day permits are also available for $30.50 or $61.50, including trout.

Junior hunting and fishing permits for nonresidents ages 13-15 are required for fishing and small game. The permit costs $11.

Special Permits
Special permits are required for both residents and nonresidents ages 13 and up for Gatlinburg, Tellico-Citico, Agency Lake, and Bedford Lake.

Gatlinburg: A one-day trout permit is $11.50 and requires no additional licensing. For residents and nonresidents with a Tennessee fishing license, a daily permit is required for anglers ages 13-64 and costs $3.50. A three-day trout permit is $9.50.

Tellico-Citco: A seasonal daily permit is required for all ages to fish on the Tellico River, Citico Creek and year-round on Green Cove Pond.

Agency Lake: A permit is required for all anglers 16 and over and for residents under 65 to fish on Agency Lake. Daily permits are $6 and annual permits are $48. Annual permits are sold at Agency Lake offices.

Bedford Lake: A daily permit is required to fish and costs $6.50.