June 2014

5 Simple Reasons You Aren’t Catching Fish

Every angler has experienced at least one crummy day of fishing that they would rather just forget.

It’s hard to beat a marina in the summer

Over the winter, a friend and I tried to outdo each other with the weather.  It was a perfect back and forth for on a Monday we got a foot of snow, on Tuesday he got a foot of snow, and on Wednesday I got a foot of snow.  It was a race to the bottom and by April you could have stuck a fork in us, we were done.

Camp BaitaHook

The National Wildlife Federation is having a Great American Backyard Campout on June 28, 2014. Camping means roughing it, at least a little bit, getting a little more up-close and personal with nature. And because great camping spots often are in close proximity with water, this can be a golden time for some fishing.

4 of the Funniest Fishing Photos from Facebook

If you've ever seen any of Bill Dance's fishing bloopers, you know that fishing can provide quite a few opportunities for a laugh.

Gone Fishing for Summer

The first day of summer is here! Finally the long, dreary winter days feel far behind us.

School’s Out: Time to Play

We don’t need to look at a calendar to know it’s summer.  Baseball season is in full swing, ice cream stands are open and backyard BBQ’s are fired up.  While all of that is good and true, nothing says summer more than schools closing their doors for the year.  In fact, many are already closed.

The 5 Secret Benefits to Fishing

There is nothing that can quite compare to the feeling of excitement you experience when your lure gets bumped or you hear the sound of line starting to peel off of your fishing reel.

How many Followers do you have?

Sometimes anglers fish too quickly. Beginning anglers may rush because of lack of patience; advanced anglers may rush due to over confidence. If fish don’t hit immediately, or within a perceived strike zone, many anglers race the lure back to cast again.

4 Surprising Things I Learned While Fishing with my Fathers

Could it have been the joyous sound of a largemouth bass striking Grandpa’s Hula Popper near the lily pads?

Fishing is more than a hobby, It’s like joining a fraternity

When you become an angler you’re enrolling in an organization that is far larger than you might expect.

Some like it Hot

Fish behavior and activity is related greatly to water temperature.

Your 5 Craziest Fishing Questions Answered

If you are brand spanking new to fishing, it only makes sense that you are going to have A LOT of questions.

Those Hard to Reach Places

Much of fishing success depends on access.

5 People to Take Fishing on a Free Fishing Day

The old saying that, “nothing in life is free” doesn’t always apply when it comes to fishing. During National Fishing and Boating Week, many states offer license-free fishing days, which are an ideal opportunity for new or beginning anglers to try fishing on public bodies of water without having to buy a fishing license.

Purchase a Fishing License