September 2018

Favorite Fish Species to catch this fall

Fishing during fall provides anglers with a chance to catch more fish, so get ready and plan your next fishing trip. Here is a list of the favorite freshwater fish species to catch this fall. 

Tautog Fishing Tips: Where to Go & What to Use

List of tautog fishing tips that apply to gear, where to go, when to fish for tautog. Tautog fishing techniques you can use to catch this Mid-Atlantic species

Start ‘em Young. A dad taking his daughter fishing

A father tells the story of his family going fishing together for the first time.  Neither the mother or father grew up fishing and the family sets out to learn together.  

Fly Fishing Hook Sizes: How Do You Choose?

Selecting the correct fly fishing hook sizes can be complex. If you’re new to fly fishing, here are basic things to consider when choosing fly hook sizes.

Where to Catch Crawfish in Southern California

Learn where to catch crawfish in Southern California, why catching these crawfish helps with conservation, where to catch crawfish in California creeks

Fishing for Habitat in Texas

Fisheries biologists and local organizations in Texas work together to supplement degraded natural fish habitat in aging reservoirs with long-lasting, environmentally friendly artificial fish attractors.

3 Types of Saltwater Shore Fishing Rigs

Saltwater shore fishing rigs can seem complicated, but you can keep it simple if you focus on the best bait location. 

5 Carp Fishing Knots You Need to Know

Find out which carp fishing knots you need to know to start carp fishing today. Learn which simple carp fishing knots and rigs are best in which situations

Minnesota Fishing by Kayak or Canoe

Those who want to explore new fishing waters are in luck as the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has maps for more than 30 different water trails on the state’s major rivers. These maps are available at DNR offices and online, and they provide details on launch sites, campsites, private campgrounds and more. 

5 Fishing Knots Every Angler Should Know

If you want to be a serious angler, you’ll need to learn to tie different types of knots. Each type has its own benefits and uses.

6 Secrets To Using an Open Face Rod and Reel

Learn the secrets to using an open face rod and reel like a pro.

3 Sources on How to Get Boat Insurance

Here are a few places to learn more on obtaining boat insurance. Unfortunately boats can cause, or become damaged.

10 Things Recreational Anglers Can Learn From Commercial Fishing Safety Issues

Recreational anglers can stay safe and learn from commercial fishing safety issues by following this important list of boating and fishing dos and don’ts

Go Fishing with your Family this Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanics are joining the fishing and boating community in record numbers – more than 4 million Hispanics went fishing last year! Let’s learn more about them.

Beginner’s Guide To Getting a Fishing License

Getting a fishing license is quick and easy. Here’s a quick beginner’s guide on how to get a fishing license and why it’s important.

Boat Hurricane Preparation: How to Prepare your Boat

These are a collection with best practices for boat hurricaine preparation and how to secure a boat for a hurricane

Boating License Restrictions and Regulations: It’s About Safety

Boating license restrictions for motorboats may stipulate the legal age of operators, as well as whether a boating safety education course must be completed

How to Tie a Loop in Fishing Line

Learn how to tie a loop in fishing line using one of three different knots. Each type of fishing line loop knot has helpful uses you should know about

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