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Fall Fishing

We’ve been losing daylight since the Summer Solstice occurred way back in June.

Opening Day Review

Several hard rains made many larger streams unfishable on Opening Day in Western Pennsylvania.

Five Dry-Fly Tips for Trout

As the spring dry-fly season is now upon us, I am reminded of some simple tips that have helped...

America’s Fish

If the national emblem of the United States were a fish, instead of the bald eagle, I wonder what...

The Things We Learn About Trout

With trout fishing in full swing I reached out to my friend Shannon Skelton for some not-so...

Some Fishing Trivia (And a Little Perspective)

Did you know that tarpon can live 80 years or more?

Defy the Groundhog

I have a love-hate relationship with Punxsutawney Phil.

Five Wintry Fishing Hotspots in the United States

The weather has turned cold in many places throughout the country, but that doesn’t mean...

Picking Polarized Glasses: Factors to Keep an Eye On

Short of a rod, reel, and lure or fly, I’d say the polarized glasses I wear are my most...

Tips for The Catch-and-Release Trout Angler

Releasing a trout after you catch it is no guarantee that the fish will live to fight another day...

Fly Fishing Challenge: Catch a Trout Every Month on a Dry Fly

We all have certain goals for our fishing. For the trout fly fisher, catching a rainbow or a...

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