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Fishing in Point Pleasant, NJ

Fishing in Point Pleasant, NJ

New Jersey offers some of the best fishing on the Atlantic Coast, and one of the most popular destinations is Point Pleasant. Here's why.

What is the Point Pleasant Area?

The name “Point Pleasant” is shared by neighboring boroughs: Point Pleasant and Point Pleasant Beach. The former is commonly referred to as Point Pleasant Boro to distinguish it from Point Pleasant Beach.

Where to Fish in New Jersey’s Point Pleasant Area

The abundance of species and great fishing spots in Point Pleasant attracts saltwater anglers from all over the state of New Jersey, the Atlantic Coast, and farther afield! Some of the most popular destinations that are in Point Pleasant or nearby include:

  • Manasquan Inlet Wall: The spot where the Manasquan River and Atlantic Ocean meet is a sought-after spot in the area all year long for both shore-based and small boat fishing in Point Pleasant Beach.
  • Maxson Avenue Beach: With its convenient fishing pier, this municipal beach on the Manasquan River is an ideal spot for surf fishing. And for season badge holders, it’s free to access; for everyone else, it’s just $1.
  • Point Pleasant Canal Access: This canal, which separates the two townships, is the waterway that connects the Manasquan River to Bay Head Harbor atop Barnegat Bay, which is another top spot for crabbing. For those who like to fish from shore, the canal is a great place to head since it offers lots of spots to fish from along its banks. It is also home to several species like bluefish, striped bass, and tautog. Those who prefer to fish on the water will find convenient public boat ramps at either end of the canal.

The New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife Guide to New Jersey’s Saltwater Fishing contains more spots to try in Point Pleasant Beach and Point Pleasant Boro.

Do Not Forget The Fishing Report
Once you’ve checked the saltwater fishing regulations and picked up the gear and, if over 16, licenses you need, there’s one more tool – used by beginners and seasoned anglers alike – that should definitely be added to your kit: namely, a Point Pleasant fishing report. There are over two dozen separate species of fish in the area; knowing what to look for at what points of the year is vital. These reports are produced by a number of groups online and each one is slightly different but generally contains the latest fishing and weather forecast for Point Pleasant, including information on the types of species to catch. In many of the reports, captains submit photos and feedback on the temperature, what’s biting, and their catches to help anglers decide the right time to schedule an outing for their desired species.

Selecting Fishing Charters in Point Pleasant, NJ

If you’re thinking, “aren’t there easier ways to go fishing in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ?,” don’t despair. For those who want to get to the heart of the action in Point Pleasant without planning the outing on your own, there’s probably no better way than to book a fishing charter. The experienced charter captains know just where to fish in New Jersey for the best chances of success.

In Point Pleasant, there are charters for virtually all types of fishing like inshore, offshore, and night, as well as party boats. When deciding on a charter company for your New Jersey fishing adventure, start by doing some research online. Look for reviews, fishing forums, and chat rooms that share feedback on charters. Then once you narrow the list, talk to the captain to get a sense of their personality since they’re key to a good time. In addition to the fun factor, you’ll also want to ask about their credentials as well as the factors that will impact your charter like the amenities on board, fishing tactics they use, and whether you’ll be able to keep the fish. If you’re considering a shared charter or party boat, be sure to find out how many people they plan to accommodate since that may impact your chances of hooking a fish.

With over two dozen separate species of fish to be found in area waterways which include the Atlantic Ocean, Manasquan and Metedeconk Rivers, Beaverdam Creeks and Lakes Louise, Twilight, Little Silver and Of The Lilies, fishing opportunities are available year round in Point Pleasant.