Saltwater FishingWhen to Saltwater Fish

Saltwater Fishing in the South of the US

Saltwater Fishing in the South of the US

The best times to saltwater fish in Southern states will depend on when you can go, and what you want to catch. Whether you want to hook a flounder while fishing in Chesapeake Bay, or cast to a tailing red drum on the flats of Texas, there are plenty of year-round fishing options.

When To Saltwater Fish

If you are ready to plan a trip to go fishing in the South, you may want to know when to saltwater fish for certain species. Some saltwater species, such as sheepshead or red drum, can be caught in the Southern states year-round. Other saltwater species, such as cobia or wahoo, are more likely to be active and present during certain times of the year based on migration patterns. The most important thing to remember when considering the best times to saltwater fish in the Southern states, is knowing when to fish and checking the current fishing regulations to find out about which laws, seasons, length limits and bag limits apply.

Spring Fishing

Take a trip to the Chesapeake Bay to fish for trophy striped bass during the spring run, or head to South Florida in pursuit of tarpon.

Summer Fishing

Texas and Florida both offer good offshore saltwater opportunities for red snapper during the summer, while North Carolina will give you the chance at catching a flounder or cobia. Summer is also when to fish for dolphinfish or mahi mahi in the Florida Keys.

Fall Fishing

Fall in Florida and Louisiana can mean fantastic inshore fishing for red drum. If offshore fishing is more appealing to you, think about a trip to North Carolina or South Carolina in search of a sizable king mackerel.

Winter Fishing

Spotted seatrout often show up in high numbers if you fish the shallow waters of the Gulf Coast states during the winter months. Sheepshead are also a popular inshore saltwater target this time of year in Florida and Georgia.

Where To Fish In Southern States

Now that you know the best times to saltwater fish in Southern states is whenever you can go, you might be wondering which Southern destinations are known for fishing. While there are many great places to fish in the South, you might find this list of saltwater fishing spots helpful. 

  • Chesapeake Bay, Virginia
  • Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina
  • Charleston Harbor, South Carolina
  • Jekyll Island, Georgia
  • Islamorada, Florida
  • Orange Beach, Alabama
  • Biloxi, Mississippi
  • Chandeleur Sound, Louisiana
  • Galveston, Texas

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