Fun Outdoorsy Date Ideas for Couples

By Sunshine Sol

Feb 06, 2023

Ideas for fun outdoorsy dates for couples, whether they’ve been together for years, are newly official, just started dating, or are just talking.

Nature is one of the best places to spend time with your partner. Not only does it offer beautiful landscapes and stunning views, it’s also refreshing, invigorating and, dare I say, romantic. There are endless activities to try and wilderness to explore when you plan a date in the great outdoors. Here are some fun outdoor date ideas for you and your boo to try out.


1. Go camping

Camping is one of the best ways to slow down, relax, and spend quality time with your partner. It can be a great bonding experience to work together to cook a campfire meal and spend the nights nice and cozy in the tent. State parks are great places to camp, but if you’re looking for something a little more luxurious, glamping is also an option.


2. Kayak on a lake

Romance doesn’t have to be landbound! Take your loved one out on the water to change up the landscape a bit. State parks offer boat rentals so you can get out onto the water with ease. Whether you choose to kayak separately or take on the challenge of sharing a canoe, this date will be one for the books.


3. Overlook hop on a scenic highway

For beautiful views with little effort, take a relaxing drive along the back of a mountain and stop at the overlooks to see what they have to offer. The fresh mountain air is invigorating and the views are breathtaking. Be sure to take lots of pictures and compare notes to decide which overlook you both liked best - maybe you can come back for another date!


4. Picnic at an overlook

If your partner is a foodie and likes to dine with a stunning backdrop, a picnic at an overlook is a great date! Especially if you both already drove the highway and have a favorite overlook. Pack a picnic basket with all their favorite food and drinks, grab some blankets, and head up the mountain. Schedule the picnic at sunset for some extra romance!


5. Hike to a waterfall

Hiking is a great way to spend time with your partner, especially if you’re both outdoorsy and match each other's pace. What makes hiking even better is the promise of an enticing dip in refreshing water at the destination. Nothing beats standing under a waterfall together and lazing around in the pools without a care in the world. It’s nature’s spa day.


6. Go fishing

What better bonding experience than catching some trophy-sized fish together? Fishing is a relaxing pastime made even better when shared with your significant other. It’s easy to spend the whole day together and rack up lots of quality time.


Nature is the grand unifier and brings so many people together. Whether you and your partner are dating, just talking, a new couple, or been together for years, the great outdoors is a great destination for your next date. It allows you to slow down, live in the moment, and enjoy the quality time with your loved one in nature.

Sunshine Sol
Sunshine Sol
Sunshine is an outdoor lifestyle content creator based in Virginia. She was born in the Philippines, and ever since moving to the United States she developed a love for travel. After working for the hospitality industry for several years, she created With Sunshine Sol during 2020. Along with her goldendoodle, Sancho, she travels and shares unique content on destinations, camping, hiking, gear guides, and more.