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5 Key Benefits of the Sport Fish Restoration Program

Did you know that you are helping to support the Sport Fish Restoration Program when you buy...

Wildlife & Sport Fish Restoration Program

The Wildlife & Sport Fish Restoration Program (WSFR) is one of the industries best kept...

Fishing Licenses and Boat Registrations Help With Conservation

The card or slip of paper in your wallet issued by your state fish and game agency, the paperwork...

3 Ways to Leave a Fishing Legacy

As we prepare to leave a fishing legacy, we should focus on three things: knowledge, feelings of...

Conservation through Participation

Anglers and boaters help protect our aquatic natural places and the wildlife that lives there...

Fishing is more than a hobby, It’s like joining a fraternity

When you become an angler you’re enrolling in an organization that is far larger than you...

Questions to Ask Before Fishing Unfamiliar Waterways

Sometimes anglers get a bit overzealous in the quest for a trophy catch or food for the dinner...

Taking Stock of Fish... Stocks

Just last week I saw a report that shows a dramatic decline in the striped bass.

Visit a Fish Hatchery

Fish hatcheries are an important part of the management of fisheries.

Fish Can Grow on Trees. Sort of.

Arbor Day was last Friday.

The Spawning Bed

At different times of the year, fish pair up for their annual spawning ritual.

The Stocking Truck

When I was 13 I had one of my more miserable years fishing.

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