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3 Ideas on Where to Buy a Boat

3 Ideas on Where to Buy a Boat

By Andy Whitcomb

Mar 03, 2020

Want to know where to buy a boat? Here are 3 possible sources to start your journey of boat ownership.

So you’ve seen everyone having fun on the lake, or have been reading our blog posts about various boating adventures and now you want to look into boat ownership. “Where to buy a boat” may be the next question on your mind. There are several sources, but it certainly helps if you live around a sizeable body of water.

Boat Dealer

If you have some big lakes or rivers nearby, there may be a boat dealer in the vicinity too. They should have the latest models in inventory and also may have just the used fishing boat you were looking for available, perhaps obtained as a trade in. Not only would this be where to buy a boat, but boat dealers also usually have a service department should any issues arise.

Boat Show

These events assemble many boat dealers. Here you can compare types of boats, such as family fishing boats, and knowledgeable staff will be available to handle any of your “how to buy a boat” questions. Sometimes there is a fee to attend but if you are seriously searching for where to buy a boat, having so many boats under one roof to compare, this can be a time-saving event.


Perhaps on the way to work, you’ve noticed a boat with a for sale sign. If you’ve done your homework, researching the make and model of the boat and engine, and asking all of the right boating questions, perhaps this will be a good place to find a discounted water craft. Many boats are available online or in the classified ads too.

Also keep an eye out for various water-related events. For example, boat companies sometimes offer test drives around large multi-day fishing tournaments. This lets you get your feet wet with the feel of what the competing anglers may be experiencing. The event workers will be able to point you in the right direction as far as where to buy a fishing boat, or any other type of boat for that matter.

Andy Whitcomb
Andy Whitcomb
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