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March 2020

Kayak Fishing Tips For Beginners

Kayaks make it easy for anglers of all skill levels to get out on the water. Here are a few great kayak fishing tips to take with you!

California’s Urban Fishing in the City Program

California’s Fishing in the City program creates angling opportunities for the state’s growing urban population. Learn more about the program and what metropolitan areas offer it.

River Conservation: Who is Protecting Western River Watersheds?

How the Western Rivers Conservancy helps with river conservation through land acquisition projects to create sanctuaries for endangered fish species, wildlife

10 Tips on What to Use and Where to Fish for Bass in the Spring

Wherever you fish, these tips about what lures to use, how to use them, and where to fish for bass in the spring, will help you get more strikes

3 Reasons to try Texas Jetty Fishing

Texas jetty fishing can be very productive. Here’s why you might give them a try.

Saltwater Anglers Favorite Florida Reef Fish

Saltwater fishing is popular due to the accessibility of nearshore waters that hold abundant Florida reef fish. Here are a few favorite species for Florida reef fishing. 

6 Group Activity Ideas for Women's History Month

March is Women’s History Month! Gather your loved ladies and celebrate together with these women’s group activity ideas. 

Make This Easy Fish Stock Recipe

Easy fish stock recipe, use these cooking directions with easy to find ingredients. How to try different fish recipes, methods for cooking your catches at home

Top 10 Most Important Ice Fishing Gear Items

Check out the 10 most important ice fishing gear items that anglers use to ice fish effectively

Get Certified By Taking an In-Person or Online Boating Course

It doesn’t matter whether you take an in-person or online boating course. Either will get you the necessary certificate, so here’s what to consider about both

6 Ways a Kids Fishing Derby Can Create Lifelong Anglers

Reasons kids fishing derby events encourage healthy activities for kids into the future. Why fishing with kids is something that matters for the long term

3 Ideas on Where to Buy a Boat

Want to know where to buy a boat? Here are 3 possible sources to start your journey of boat ownership.

Top 5 Ice Fishing Jigs & Lures

Top 5 ice fishing jigs & lures that are fundamental to avid ice anglers for a decade and great for beginners to get started ice fishing.

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