Top 5 Ice Fishing Jigs & Lures

By Ed Hitchcock

Mar 02, 2020

Top 5 ice fishing jigs & lures that are fundamental to avid ice anglers for a decade and great for beginners to get started ice fishing.

There are plenty of ice fishing lures and jigs to choose from, so how do you pick the right one? If you are a beginner, there are some classic lure combinations that every avid ice angler has in their tackle box. Start with the fundamental lures. These are my top 5 ice fishing jigs and lures that have historically produced fish over the last decade. All these lure combinations can be found in our Tailored Tackle Ice Fishing Kit.

1. Tungsten Jig with Soft Plastic:

Tungsten jigs are great for targeting bluegill. These specialty jigs fish fast because they are denser and therefore heavier than lead jigs, even in a smaller size. Small and fast is great for subtly jigging bluegill. I tip this jig with a red euro-larvae soft plastic and a few live euro-larvae spikes.

2. Diamond Jig with Soft Plastic:

A diamond jig in firetiger green is dynamite for crappie and trout, especially when it is tipped with a matching chartreuse plastic. This neon presentation calls in roaming fish and stands out at night. The larger profile of this combination helps filter out smaller fish to focus on the trophies. I like to tip it with a single live wax worm for scent.

3. Demon Jig with Live Bait:

My go to live bait lure, a demon jig is the combination of a spoon profile and a jig head. This allows you to call in fish with the flashiness of a spoon while still presenting a full live minnow. Either jig your live bait or set it up under a dead stick or tip-up. Our demon jig has a glow bottom that calls in fish at night while jigged or sitting still. I use full minnows to target walleye and pike.

4. Curved Flutter Spoon:

A great option for calling in fish in clear water, the curved flutter spoon reflects light while it drops in the water column. Attach a snap to the end for maximum flutter action. Instead of jigging the spoon in place, lift the lure up two to three feet and let it drop. I like to tip the treble hook with a minnow head for targeting walleye and trout.

5. Jigging Lure:

The jigging lure calls in big fish from afar. A firetiger jigging lure does great in stained water and pulls in fish at night. Quickly snap the lure up one to two feet. The fins on the back of the lure cause it to glide in a circle after a quick snap. This circular motion calls in big fish and mimics a wounded baitfish. I like to tip the treble hook with a minnow head and the tail hook with a minnow tail. This is my go-to lake trout and northern pike lure.


Ed Hitchcock
Ed Hitchcock
Ed Hitchcock is the owner of Tailored Tackle Fishing Kits & Combos, a beginner-focused fishing tackle company. Ed's team creates beginner fishing tackle packages paired with educational content to help new anglers learn to fish and improve their skills. Check out their educational resources and beginner fishing tackle.