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2024 RBFF State Marketing Workshop

2024 RBFF State Marketing Workshop

The 2024 RBFF State Marketing Workshop “Navigating the Future of Angler and Boater R3” was held in Atlanta, GA from February 26 – February 28, 2024.

The 2024 RBFF State Marketing Workshop “Navigating the Future of Angler and Boater R3” was held in Atlanta, GA from February 26 – February 28, 2024. Representatives from 48 state fish and wildlife agencies and the District of Columbia came together to learn and collaborate on recruitment, retention, and reactivation (R3) initiatives. You can view the 2024 agenda here as well as view sessions and download presentations below.

For questions or comments about the 2024 State Marketing Workshop, please contact Joanne Martonik at jmartonik@rbff.org.

Tuesday, 2/27/24

The Zen of Social Media: How to Reach Diverse Audiences in the Digital Age
Shama Hyder, CEO, Zen Media
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How Artificial Intelligence Can Enhance State Marketing
Sid Dobrin, Professor and Chair, Department of English, University of Florida, Co-Owner, Inventive Fishing, LLC, Host of The Fishing Professor Rod
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How Texas is Connecting with Female Hispanic Anglers
Janis Johnson, Communications & Marketing, TX Parks & Wildlife Department
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Let’s Grow Boating and Fishing - a Maryland Approach
Donna Morrow, Program Manager, Center for Marine & Coastal Stewardship/R3 Matrix Team Co-Chair, MD Department of Natural Resources
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Welcome to Boating and Fishing encompassed a two-day event held in Annapolis, Maryland in 2023 to welcome new and returning boaters and anglers to the water. Learn about the partnerships, approaches and lessons learned from this program that offered professional on-water boating instruction for both women and co-ed groups, boating safety demonstrations, fishing instruction, outreach efforts and more. Find approaches that may work in your state to include boating in your R3 strategies!

Big Barriers = Big Opportunities: It’s Time to Think BIG When It Comes to Fishing Recruitment
Bobby Jones, Outdoor Connection Coordinator, NV Department of Wildlife
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Cost is one of the top five biggest barriers Nevadans face when it comes to spending time outdoors, which is why in 2023, the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) launched a novel donation-driven program created to allow the Department to offer kids ages 12-17 an annual fishing license at no cost to them. This program, the Nevada Youth License Fund, helped the Department curb declining youth fishing participation in Nevada resulting in an 18% increase for youth fishing licenses, and serves as an example of what can happen when we’re able to turn a significant barrier to fishing into an incentive to go fishing. Learn about the why behind what drove NDOW to think big as well as its lessons learned, so you can be better prepared to do something BIG in your state!

The Art of Digital Dialogue: Practical Ways to Drive Audience Engagement
Katie Grant, Communications Director, WI Department of Natural Resources
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Social media is an ever-evolving place to engage with your constituents on a wide variety of topics. But how can you master the art of digital dialogue and use it to drive audience engagement? In this session, you’ll learn how to embrace your haters, frequent flyers, and fans alike and channel them all into superpowers to move your agency’s reputation forward. Learn actionable takeaways to make it all sting a little less, best practices to work effectively with others in your agency to build buy-in and strategies to flip the script and come out ahead. JM managing

Designing Marketing Campaigns for Maximum Engagement
Angy Peterson, Vice President, Granicus Experience Group
Lacy Beauchemin, Senior Director, Granicus Experience Group

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Creating a marketing plan can be a daunting task. But don’t be overwhelmed! Learn the basics of creating a marketing campaign including segmenting audiences, tailoring messaging, determining tactics, and much more!

Hosting Familiarization (FAM) Trips to Connect with Local Media
Bruna Carincotte, Director, Public Relations & Communications, RBFF
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Learn how to bring to life local and effective media FAM trips with different levels of budget. How to reach out to media, who to invite, what to offer, what kind of earned media results to expect and how to amplify your message to local audiences.

How to Do Great Marketing on a Small Budget
Captain Vicki Norman, President, Marine & Motorsports Group at Digital Throttle
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Marketing budgets are often the first to get trimmed in times of uncertainty, which we’ve seen plenty of in the last few years. If you’re trying to do more with less, join us for this session where you’ll learn how to optimize your marketing budget by creating compelling content and implementing low-cost advertising solutions for getting your content in front of the right audience.

Wednesday, 2/28/24

Collaborating in the Wild: Influencer-Government Collaboration Demystified
Introduced by Katie Alteri, Senior Manager of Brand Strategy and Content, NMMA/Discover Boating Jenny Anderson, Girl of 10,000 Lakes, Outdoor & Travel Content Creator
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Renewed Commitment to Angler R3 Recommendations
Craig Bonds, Chief Operating Officer, TX Parks & Wildlife Department & RBFF Board Chairman
Chuck Sykes, Director, AL Wildlife & Freshwater Fisheries Division & AFWA President

Psychology of Churn Research Updates
Stephanie Vatalaro, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communications, RBFF
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Using Texting to Engage and Connect with Anglers and Boaters
Moderator- Joanne Martonik, Senior State Marketing Manager, RBFF
Nick Geier, Manager, Granicus Experience Group
Josh Lee, Email Marketing Manager, TX Parks & Wildlife Department

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Reeling in Hispanic Anglers: Strategies & Insights
Moderator - Stephanie Hussey, Senior Director, Government Engagement, RBFF
Faith Jolley, Public Information Officer/Outreach Section Assistant Chief, UT Division of Wildlife Resources
Brody Latham, Marketing Manager, KS Department of Wildlife & Parks
Brandon Stys, Statewide R3 Fishing Coordinator, FL Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission

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