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RBFF holds frequent webinars and an annual State Marketing Workshop that cover a wide range of topics including research, upcoming campaigns and information on the latest trends and engagement strategies. View a presentation or sign up for an upcoming webinar today.

State Marketing Workshops

RBFF is leading the mission to increase participation in fishing and boating because more anglers and boaters means more revenue for the critical work state agencies do every day to protect our fish, wildlife and the resources that sustain them, so that future generations may enjoy the benefits that these natural resources provide. It's a grand effort, and no one organization, industry partner or state agency can achieve it on its own. We all must work together.

Therefore, RBFF hosts an annual State Marketing Workshop for all 50 state agencies to focus on the importance of recruitment, retention and reactivation (R3).

Participants collaborate and share innovative R3 ideas to engage with consumers to help increase participation.

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RBFF Webinars

RBFF hosts webinars for both State Agency and Stakeholder audiences.

Individual webinars can be downloaded here.

Please email Joanne Martonik or Eric Wilson for more information or to sign up for an upcoming webinar.

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For more information, please contact jmartonik@rbff.org or ewilson@rbff.org.