2017 State Marketing Workshop

Activating R3 Strategies to Achieve Success

The 2017 State Marketing Workshop in Phoenix, AZ on December 12 – 15 was the largest to date with 153 participants from all 50 states, RBFF and its partners and sponsors.

To accomplish even more this year, the Workshop was extended to include three nights and two full days of informative presentations, breakout sessions, small group discussions and networking time.

It was great to have everyone together to discuss how Activating R3 Strategies to Achieve Success will help increase participation.

Presentations from the Workshop can be found below. Please contact Joanne Martonik with any questions.


Program Book


A Decade of Delivering R3 Support to States
Frank Peterson, President & CEO, RBFF


Industry Marketing Research & Tactics
Rich Hohne, Director of Product Marketing, Simms Fishing Products

SEO for Government Organizations
David McCormick, Senior Marketing Strategist, Blast Analytics & Marketing

R3 Planning Panel Discussion
Darin Moore, Director of Planning & Finance, Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources (DWR)
Ross Melinchuk, Director of Conservation Programs, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department

Concurrent Sessions 1

  1. Marketing Success: Targeted Marketing Strategy for the Washington Fishing Derby
    Shannon Haywood, Marketing Coordinator, Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife

  2. Developing a State Agency Brand
    Bonnie Holding, Director Information & Education, Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife

Concurrent Sessions 2

  1. Tracking Angler Participation: Connecticut’s Youth Fishing Passport Program & Free Fishing License Days
    Mike Beauchene, Supervising Fisheries Biologist, Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection

  2. SEO Cheat Sheet: 6 Steps to Quickly Boost SEO
    David McCormick, Senior Marketing Specialist, Blast Analytics & Marketing

Concurrent Sessions 3

  1. Engaging Local Networks to Reach the Hispanic Community
    Alix Pedraza, Diversity Outreach Manager, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

  2. Piloting a Statewide R3 Marketing Campaign
    Kris McCarthy, Associate Director, Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife Nicole McSweeney, Outreach & Marketing Coordinator, Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife


The Importance of Branding in R3 Efforts
Ryan Olson, Group Account Director, Colle McVoy

Retaining Consumers with Auto-Renewal
Katie Young, Outreach Coordinator, Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission

Consumer Trends
Ryan Olson, Group Account Director, Colle McVoy