Largemouth Bass

Largemouth Bass

The largemouth bass is the most popular freshwater game fish in the U.S. Learn more about how you can identify a largemouth bass, where to catch it and what bait and lures to use.

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Midwest, South, Northeast, West

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How to identify a Largemouth Bass

The largemouth bass closely resembles the smallmouth bass and other species i.e., spotted bass, redeye bass, etc. Together these fishes form a group that is referred to as the black basses.

The largemouth can be distinguished from most similar species by the fact that its mouth extends at least to, and often beyond the rear edge of the eyes. Also, its first and second dorsal fins are almost separated by an obvious deep dip, and there are no scales on the soft-rayed second dorsal fin.


Laregmouth Bass Fishing Tips

Here are some helpful largemouth bass fishing tips to increase your catch rates. All you need to do is buy your fishing license, grab your freshwater gear, and remember a few basic guidelines.


Where to catch Largemouth Bass


Originally confined to the eastern of U.S. and portions of northern Mexico and southern Canada this member of the sunfish family can be found in every state in the U.S., Hawaii, and throughout Mexico and Central America.

The following list includes additional places where you can catch Largemouth Bass:


How to catch Largemouth Bass


Much of its popularity is due to its attitude and willingness to strike a lure or bait with explosive force. Research indicates that the largemouth bass is also the most intelligent freshwater fish, able to distinguish and avoid a particular type of lure after only one encounter with it.

The following are fishing methods you can use to catch Largemouth Bass:


Largemouth Bass lures, tackle & bait

The following are lures, tackle or bait that can be used to catch this fish:

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