The Albacore is considered by anglers to be an excellent light-tackle game fish. In the United States the Albacore is probably the most valuable tuna in terms of quality and profit.

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South, Northeast, West

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How to identify an Albacore

The most distinguishing feature of this member of the tuna and mackerel family is its long pectoral fins that reach to a point beyond the anal fin. The pectoral fins of other adult tunas may also be moderately long, but never extend all the way to the anal fin. Though the very long pectoral fins readily distinguish the adult albacore from the other adult tunas.

The albacore can be distinguished from these species at any age by the lack of stripes or spots on its lower flanks and belly and by the presence of a thin, white trailing edge on the margin of the tail fin. The liver is striated on the ventral surface. The deepest part of the albacore’s body is near the second dorsal fin, rather than near the middle of the first dorsal fin as found in other tunas.

Where to catch Albacore

The Albacore is found worldwide in tropical and warm, temperate seas. As a pelagic and migratory species, the albacore usually remains in deep and clear blue tropical or warm waters, but makes seasonal migrations into colder zones (northern Gulf of Mexico). The following list includes places where you can catch Albacore:

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