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He Who Smelt It

There is an old saying that “sometimes less is more.”

Beat the Post-Holiday Blues

Every year, the Fall and Winter holidays seem to begin earlier and earlier. 


Fishing becomes a completely different ballgame when casting in water that may contain a legendary fish with its impressive chompers and ability to attain massive proportions, like a human leg.

My 2013 Boating Plan

Assuming that the Mayan’s are wrong and that our world continues past December 20th, I’ve got my New Year’s boating resolutions all worked out. 

Cures for Cabin Fever

I really do live in a log cabin in the mountains of Colorado. 

Steamy Fishing Locations

There are places around the country where the water temperature is manipulated, allowing for a relatively small area of unique fishing opportunities.

Winter Fishing and Hypothermia

Hypothermia is when your core body temperature drops, and you lose heat faster than you can generate it.

Christmas Along the Coast

Winter along the coast can be very different from a Norman Rockwell Christmas card.

Wade and See

If you don’t fish often, perhaps you can get away with something like “economy vinyl stocking foot waders.” 

Top 5

Most of my fishing season is spent within a few hours of my home.

10 Fishing Resolutions for the New Year

As one year winds down and I start thinking about the next, I always like to make a list of New Year’s Fishing resolutions. 

A Nice List

Been good this year? 

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