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Huge Potential

Bassmaster Elite Pro Gerald Swindle might call them “peanuts.” 

Don’t Like Your Local River?

Many of us are blessed to have outstanding fishing close to home.

Safety: The Whistle Works Wonders

Some of the best safety devices don’t cost a ton of money, don’t take up a lot of space, and aren’t that hard to operate.

A Fiddler’s not a Goof

That iconic, time-honored, never-fail bait.

First Fish

Fishing in my adopted home state is open all year long.

Do You Keep a Fishing Journal?

You should. I know, I sound like your high school English teacher. My high school English teachers told me to keep a written journal also, and I didn’t pay attention.

Pickin’ and a Grinnin’

Everything ready for your fishing trip?

Why I Love Docks

One of the best parts of heading out for a day on the water is the wide variety of docks that accompany the boating environments.

Fishing Tip: Good Casts Happen by Thinking Feet First

A strong house is built on a solid foundation, from the ground up. 

Shall We Snag Now?

The paddlefish is one of those rare fish that will never bite. 

The Fish Moon

Many coastal fishing communities have roots in Native American cultures. In many regions, the full moons are all named in conjunction with a natural event.

America’s Fish

If the national emblem of the United States were a fish, instead of the bald eagle, I wonder what species it would be.

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