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Small Mistakes, Big Costs

I was at a boat ramp the other day and saw a boat off the trailer sitting directly on the ramp.

Fishing Tips to Beat the Heat

There’s not much I like more than warm summer days.

Pond Monsters

Recently on The Fishing Wire, I read a report about aggressive bass biting fingers and caught by hand.

Father’s Day Fishermen

I recently read a survey which said that over 73% of anglers are taken fishing for the first time by their father.

Find Exotic Near Home

One of the things I enjoy most about fishing is that, with a little imagination, it’s possible to make exotic-style adventures happen right near home.

Out of this World

All fishing is fun, but top-water action functions on a higher plane.

Signs that You’re in a Boating Community

For whatever reason, I’ve always been interested in signs.

Kudos to Anglers Who Keep Things Clean

I’m always happy to see anglers do good things for rivers, lakes and oceans. 

From Russia, With Ballast

During a recent fishing trip, my crappie jig snagged a small, striped shell.

Fishing Artwork

It’s probably true that most of us have some form of artwork that is related to fishing in our homes.

Do You Have a Favorite State Park for Fishing or Boating?

I often write about fishing in far-flung wild locales, but some of my favorite fishing spots are found in places that anyone can easily access—state parks.

Wood or Plastic?

When was the last time you saw a wooden lure?

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