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Do Bright Colors Matter When You Fish?

The beauty of fishing is that there are no exact right or wrong answers, only theories and ideas.

No Snow Cones in Fishing

When my son’s little league baseball game was finally over the other night, he asked if he could stay and watch a bit of the next game.  When I explained our loitering to the Stillwater Parks and Recreation supervisor, he smiled and said, “No better place for a kid to be.”

Moms Fishing with Kids

Motherhood occupies a special place in the world and it is somewhere between winning a gold medal and sainthood.  Juggling a career with parenthood is difficult enough.

The Starter Fly Rod

Do you want to expand your horizons into fly fishing?  If you aren’t fly fishing already, you should give it a try!  It doesn’t matter where you live or fish… fly fishing is about more than trout.  In fact, almost anything that can be caught on spinning or casting gear can be caught on a fly.  

The Numbers Don’t Lie

A circular from Bass Pro Shops just arrived in the mail advertising, among many other items, a fish counter.

Quick Fishing Rod Tip Top Repairs

These days, fishing rods are made to be light in weight. Blanks are made from high-modulus graphite that offer a great flex profile and that enables us to cast long, fish all day without tiring, and land lots of fish.

Guide Tip: Keeping Your Fishing Boat Organized

It doesn’t matter if you’re fishing from a canoe, or a 38-foot Bertram, any captain will tell you that having a neat, organized environment is the key to happiness… and fishing success.

Free Fishing–In 3-D!

National Fishing and Boating Week is June 4-12. It coincides with free fishing days for most states. On those days, anyone can fish… without a license/permit.  That’s right, FREE.

Sharp Hooks

Fishing can be frustrating, that’s part of the game.  But I think a lot of frustration among anglers comes when we experience failure coming from something that easily could have been prevented.  If we don’t wind fresh monofilament on our spools and the line breaks on a good fish, we get frustrated.

Do You Have a “Wish Fish?

I’m very fortunate to have a job (with Field & Stream magazine) that allows me to travel to different waters, and catch many species of fish. But, like most anglers, I have a “bucket-list” of fish I’d still like to catch.

The Sign of a Pro Angler

Here in north central Oklahoma, this is Cowboy Country. Not just because of the influence of the university, but also in history. In fact, when I am not scribbling thoughts on paper, I actually work along side Pistol Pete’s great grandson.

Learn How You Can Fight VHS Fish Disease.

If someone told you there were simple things you could do to keep fish from dying and protect our waters, you’d want to know more, right?

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