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Oh Christmas Reef

Fish structure doesn’t just concentrate fish for angler success; the extra underwater surface area cultivates algae and plankton, starting the food chain and increasing the productivity of the entire system.

Give the Gift of Fishing

If you’re like me, you’re probably scrambling around trying to find those last minute holiday gifts. Here’s an idea that works for anyone, doesn’t cost much at all, and will be remembered and appreciated for a long, long time.

A Kayak Ain’t Just a Kayak

I remember the first kayak I ever saw, and it was on a black and white television set.  A man sat in a long, sleek boat that wrapped around his torso on top of a rock cliff overlooking a deep pool.  

Chocolate Bobbers

We had just begun to decorate the Christmas tree, when it struck me – “it” being a rather heavy Santa Claus fishing ornament.

A New Version of Sporting Art: Cliff Casey

We fishermen tinker and tweak to get things right.  When we get going on a mission to modify gear to our specific needs, everything is under review

Ice Fishing: Get On Your Bucket!

Here’s a little project that will get you ice fishers ready for the upcoming season: Make yourself a custom ice fishing bucket

Catfish a la Road

“You have to wonder about a food that everyone agrees is great, except that sometimes, it tastes like what it is.” –P.J. O’Rourke.

Lots for Which to be Thankful

About 20 minutes from my home on the bayside of Cape Cod, Massachusetts is where the Pilgrims first landed in the New World.

Fly Fishing Challenge: Catch a Trout Every Month on a Dry Fly

We all have certain goals for our fishing. For the trout fly fisher, catching a rainbow or a brown over 20 inches long is a thrill, especially if you can do that on a dry fly.

Crappie. Not Available in Stores

Depending on your region, crappie may also be called “papermouths”, ”specks”, “slabs”, “calico bass”, or perhaps “sac-au-lait.”

It’s All in a Name

My friend has a sailboat named “Aphrodite.”  I couldn’t exactly remember the significance of the Greek goddess (it’s been a while since I was in high school), and when I looked her up it said she symbolizes love, beauty and pleasure. Aphrodite was born out of sea foam, and hers is the absolutely perfect name for the sleek sailboat that cuts through the waves and brings her crew joy in beautiful surroundings.

The Shallow Water Boat: It’s All About the Hull

There are many factors to consider when choosing a fishing boat—especially a boat like a flats skiff designed for use in shallow water.

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