August 2015

Knot Now! Tangled Fishing Lines & Fishing Conservation

Fishing line is a critical component of fishing.

7 Tips for the Perfect #FirstCatch Fishing Photo

There's nothing more exciting than watching a new angler reel in a first catch.

Waltzing with Sailfish

I wouldn’t call myself an avid angler, but I come from a long line of fishermen.

5 Fishing Lures That Do Double Duty

If you are like me, the first saltwater fishing lures that come to mind are for deep sea tackle like soda can sized skirted plugs used when trolling for marlin or giant jigs that rocket to the bottom for halibut or reef fish such as snapper.

Your Awesome Angler Name for National Hunting and Fishing Day

National Hunting and Fishing Day is coming up on Saturday, September 26th.

Kayak Fishing is a Quiet Ride

Saltwater fishing takes on a whole new dimension with a fishing kayak.

The Best Bass Lures: Getting Jiggy With It

Smallmouth bass can be caught on many different fishing lures such as spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and soft plastics but the classic bass jig is the best smallmouth bass artificial bait or lure.

The Lionfish: A Crazy-Looking Saltwater Fish

If you happen to come across a crazy-looking red or brown striped saltwater fish that has 18 venomous spines and appears to have swam straight out of a National Geographic documentary, your first instinct is probably going to be to swim in the opposite direction…

The Great Fishing Bait Debate: Part 2

Which is better, live bait or artificial bait?

5 Secrets to Know When Using Artificial Bait

Using artificial bait or lures when fishing can be both challenging and fun.

Family Fishing Trips in the South

It's starting to cool off down South, so plan a family fishing trip as the fishing gets hot.

Saltwater Fishing: Gunkholing

“Gunkholing” or cruising in shallow waters with a wide variety of shallow-draft boats, is a perfect way to go saltwater fishing.

The Great Fishing Bait Debate: Part 1

Which is better: live bait or artificial bait?

How to Determine The Best Fishing Days in August

If your family is like most, you aren't usually able to get the whole crew together to go fishing as often as you'd like.

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