December 2016

Pass on the Tradition

Memories and strong bonds are created by spending time fishing with family and friends.

7 Winter Fly Fishing Destinations Worth Visiting

You can continue to develop your fly fishing skills once winter arrives. Learn more about these winter fly fishing destinations, start planning your trip!

How to Teach Kids to Fish… In the Cold

Extra creature comforts will help when teaching kids to fish in the cold. Here are three additional tips.

What is Ice Fishing anyway?

If you think that ice fishing is just an outdoor party guess again.  It's an activity with hard-core fishing at its roots.  But while waiting for tip up flags to fly what's wrong with a pick-up ice hockey game and some ice skating followed by hot onion soup and mulled cider?  Ice fishing is a celebration of winter that carries all anglers over until spring.

Local Fishing Knowledge

You can learn valuable fishing information by visiting local anglers

Saltwater Fishing Knots You've Never Heard Of

Ready to boost your knowledge of saltwater fishing knots? Check out this list of knots that you may not have heard about, but are worth learning to tie!

Lifetime Fishing License

Young anglers who receive a holiday present of a lifetime fishing license are treated to one of the best presents ever.  Maybe it's not as glamorous as a new rod, but that license is one by which they'll remember you every year.

Our Magical Fishing and Boating Trip at Walt Disney World® Resort

In October 2016, Take Me Fishing™ hosted six bloggers and their families on a magical fishing and boating experience at Walt Disney World® Resort.

5 Reasons You Should Teach a Kid To Fish

When you teach a kid to fish, you help them create lasting memories on the water, plus so much more. Check out these 5 less obvious reasons that you should take a kid fishing

Fishing Gift Ideas that Conserve

Here are some gift ideas that can reduce stress on gift exchangers and fish.

Saltwater Fish Species: The Striped Bass

Striped bass are among the most sought-after species on the Eastern seaboard.  Fish for them during the day or at night in just about any kind of terrain with any kind of tackle.

10 Totally Practical Holiday Fishing Gift Ideas

Looking for great practical holiday fishing gift ideas? Check out this list of 10 fishing gifts that will always get used. 

Novice fly fishing – Sometimes it takes the whole family

The last time my late husband and I packed into the Wind River Mountains, the ten-mile hike to our base camp was a little much for our sixty-something-year-old legs.

Cold Water Bass Fishing

Change your lures and techniques to catch bass in cold water.

Catch and Eat

When a child is given a rod and the opportunity to catch and eat their own fish, they are given an invaluable lesson.

Purchase a Fishing License