February 2014

A Rocking Classic

The epic, 3-day 2014 Bassmaster Classic fishing tournament completed this weekend in Alabama.

Cod, or Fish Piccata

March and April are good months to head offshore and catch bottom fish like cod, haddock, and wolfish.  These three fish are found in cold saltwater in depths of a few hundred feet.

4 of the Strangest-Looking Fishing Rigs

There are some fishing rigs and lures that might appear just plain odd to the average observer.

Taking Stock of Fish... Stocks

Just last week I saw a report that shows a dramatic decline in the striped bass.

The Classic Clash

In an attempt to communicate the scope, grand spectacle, and popularity of the Bassmaster Classic, it is frequently referred to as the “Super Bowl” of fishing tournaments.

Things to Know About Weighing a Potential Record Fish

Ever notice how precise anglers are when referring to the weight of a catch?

Just What I Need, a New Boat

My non-fishing friends (which are few and far between I might add), shake their heads when they look at my side yard.

Show Your Fishing and Boating Spirit

I am a fishing and boating enthusiast.

4 Educational Fishing Resources for Women

Some ladies might be lucky enough to have a family member or significant other who is willing to show them the ropes when it comes to fishing.

What Color is Your Largemouth Bass?

Olive, dark green, brown… largemouth bass can change color a bit like a chameleon if you pay close enough attention.

Great Reasons to Take a Solo Fishing Trip

I love taking kids fishing.

How to Book a Guide

Here at home we call this season a ‘tweener.  Our migratory fish have been gone for a few months.  And like most parts of the US, we’ve had tremendously erratic temperatures; there is enough ice on the ponds and lakes that keep us from spin or fly fishing, but it’s too thin for ice fishing.

Purchase a Fishing License