January 2015

Frost Bite: A Review of the 2015 Bassmaster Classic

In case you missed it, last weekend was a really big deal in the world of professional fishing tournaments.

Take your Ice Fishing Equipment on an Adventure

All of our ice fishing equipment was set up in what we considered the best places to ice fish. The sleds were empty, the tip ups were set, and we were jigging and jigging and jigging.

Catching Yellow Perch on Ice

Yellow perch are mostly found in the north and east, but with stocking can be caught as far south as Kansas or Missouri.

4 Great Indoor Fishing Games for Adults

Even when the weather puts a damper on your outdoor fishing plans, you can still create your own indoor fishing-related fun.

An Ice Fishing Gear List

The more we ice fish the more gear we collect.

Ice Fishing Electronics: Spot What You Got

Go big or go home, and ice fishing electronics are one way to help.

Fish Story Time

Ice fishing requires patience. Fish are sluggish in cold water so it is a good idea to commit to a hole for a while. As you and your fishing buddy are waiting, and maybe jigging your line every now and then, this might be a good time to share some fish stories.

6 Ice Fishing Tips to Target Species Through the Ice

It has been said that variety is the spice of life… I firmly believe that this concept should also apply to your life as an ice angler.

Ice Fishing Safety

A fun day of ice fishing can turn sour very quickly, so here are 5 topics that will turn frowns upside down.

Streaming Web Cams: An Indoor Fishing Adventure. Sort of…

Is the ice still “growing” on your lakes?

4 of the Best Places to Ice Fish

Whether you appreciate the solitude that comes with being one of the few anglers out on a frozen lake at sunset or just look forward to uninterrupted time spent with friends and family in an ice shanty atmosphere, there are a few things to appreciate about winter — ice fishing is one of them.

Where to Ice Fish

There is a lot more to ice fishing than drilling a hole and setting up shop.  Finding a spot is best done when it’s warm out so you can tie in to a species’ winter feeding patterns

3 Ways a Polar Plunge Catches Fish: Cold Water Techniques

When retrieved, lures vary greatly in their range of actions such as the tightness of wobble, depth of dive, or amount of flash from a spinning blade.

12 Pieces of Essential Ice Fishing Safety Gear

Winter has officially arrived and hard water anglers across the Northern states are bringing the ice augers out of storage.

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