January 2024

Plan to Visit the Seattle Boat Show, February 2-10, 2024

With its many fishing and boating seminars, and educational as well as manufacturing exhibitors, the Seattle Boat Show, February 2-10, 2024, is for everybody

Use These Late Winter Trout Fishing Lures for Success

List of late winter trout fishing lures to use when water temperatures are at a seasonal low, techniques to use for winter trout, tackle for late winter trout

How to Support Black History Month in Your Community

Ideas on how to celebrate Black History Month in your local area and nationally.

The 7 Health Benefits of Boating

From reducing stress to reconnecting with nature and boosting vitamin D to bonding with friends, discover the many health benefits of boating.

4 Ways to Start Mentoring Other Anglers in Texas

List of ways to start mentoring other anglers in Texas. Ideas for helping with angler instruction, conservation education, youth fishing clinics, and more

Did You Know About These 5 Ice Fishing Health Benefits?

Five ice fishing health benefits. Physical, mental perks of ice fishing beyond the excitement of reeling in a catch to cardiovascular health, reduced stress, more.

A Few of the Best Freshwater Fishing Knots for California

California has a diverse selection of freshwater fishing opportunities. Sometimes the best knot to tie depends on the species, presentation, or conditions. Here are a few options you should knot be without.

New Year Boating Resolutions: Master Your Sonar & GPS

Most boaters don’t have their sonar and GPS instruments fully mastered, so this should be top-of-list for new year boating resolutions.

35 Water Safety, Fishing, and Boating Tips for January

Clothes, rods, gear, boats, and assorted practicalities are the focus of these many water safety, fishing, and boating tips for January

5 Best Saltwater Fishing Knots for Florida Inshore Trips

Summary of the best saltwater fishing knots for Florida inshore fish species, why these knots are used most often, which fishing knots to use for redfish

The 9 Best Winter Boating Activities for Families

Recreational boating offers endless possibilities for making memories all year long thanks to these 9 fun winter boating activities for families.

January Boating in Florida: 5 Destinations to Explore

Where to experience the best of January boating in Florida, see stunning sunsets on the water, take an island boat tour, wet a line in the Sunshine State

Three January Health Benefits of Fishing

For many, winter can be a time for battling cabin fever, moping around, waiting for spring to signal getting out fishing gear again. But there are fish to be caught even in January and health benefits to boot.

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