March 2023

7 Fun Conservation Activities to Do During National Wildlife Week

Since 1938, National Wildlife Week has educated Americans on wildlife education and sustainable fishing. Here are 7 fun activities to celebrate!

10 Questions to Ask When Booking Guided Fishing Trips

Summary of questions to ask when booking guided fishing trips to a new destination or when targeting a new species, what to know as you start planning

3 Benefits of Fishing: A Woman’s Perspective

Fishing benefits everyone a little differently. Betha Cochran explains how fishing benefits her life as a woman and mother.

5 Helpful Boat Buying Tips for New Boaters

Five boat buying tips for new boaters that can save time, money, stress. Helpful tips that contribute to a smoother, easier experience when buying a new boat

Fishing on Lake Erie, Ohio

Anglers enjoy fishing on Lake Erie in Ohio to target yellow perch and walleye as well as smallmouth bass, catfish, and steelhead from the banks and by boat. The open water, shorelines and tributaries have year-round fishing opportunities.

Highlighting Women's History Month: Female Anglers Research

Female anglers are a fast-growing segment in the fishing industry and new research by the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation looks into why they start, what segments of women are participating, the mental and physical health benefits of fishing and where there is room for improvement in the industry to keep female anglers engaged.

Tips for How to Tie a Boat to a Dock

Part of boat operation includes “parking,” that is, tying the boat to a dock. Here are several tips to consider when learning how to secure your boat between outings.

What Does a Boater Safety Course Online Cover?

General overview of why a boater safety course online is an important step toward being a responsible boater, topics are covered in an online boating course

Starting a Lifelong Passion: Intro to Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is a new skill to broaden your enjoyment of nature. These tips are aimed to help you start freshwater fly fishing, from the perspective of a female angler and guide.  

Wondering How to Fish from a Boat? Key Tips for Success

Summary of tips on how to fish from a boat successfully in a lake. Factors that contribute to boosting catch rates, proper boat positioning, boat etiquette

How to Get Boat Ready for Spring

It is time to get boat ready for spring. One way to approach the process is to work the winterizing checklist in reverse. Here’s where to begin.

Spring Tackle Tune-Up

Spring is the perfect time to clean and spruce up your tackle and prepare for the fishing season ahead. Planning a spring tackle tune-up with a checklist of things like rod repair, replacing line, cleaning your tackle box, and getting rid of broken gear will ensure you are ready to hit the water to enjoy fishing for new species.


The 5 Best Spring Break Fishing Trips in the U.S.

March means it is almost time to take the best spring fishing trips together. Here are where the 5 best spring fishing trips happen in the U.S.

Practical Safety Tips for Ice Fishing in March

This safety-focused advice will put you in good stead for ice fishing in March, with variable weather and ice conditions being the new norm

5 Lure Fishing Tips for Beginners

 Five fishing tips for beginners for a basic idea of which types of lures to use when pond fishing, ice fishing, lake fishing, bass fishing, carp fishing

Outdoor Activities That Support Female Empowerment

Ideas for things women can do in the outdoors that support female empowerment

Get Ready for Spring: How to De-Winterize a Boat

Here’s the basics on how to de-winterize a boat, especially the engine, and get it ready for untroubled spring boating adventures

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