May 2019

Catching Fish and Making Memories

One of my first fishing memories is sitting on the bank of one of our farm ponds with my dad and grandpa, watching my bobber quiver nervously on the water’s surface.

10 Best State Parks for Boating With Family This Summer

List of best state parks for boating this summer based on accessibility, amenities, camping opportunities. Best boating state parks popular with families.

Tight lines on the Tongass National Forest

National Fishing and Boating Week is held every year to recognize the importance of recreational boating and fishing for enthusiasts, their friends and family, for the environment and the economy.

Outwitting New Mexico's Official State Fish

From nearly anywhere in my Santa Fe County home, I have the most fortunate view of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. It’s where the Rockies start in New Mexico. As I write this, day melds into the night, that period when the Muses visit painters and poets.

5 Top Spots for Shore Fishing in Hawaii

Wondering where to go shore fishing in Hawaii? Check out spots to catch giant trevally, amberjack, other saltwater species while Hawaii shore fishing

Family Fishing Events with the USDA Forest Service

Family fishing time on our nation’s National Forests & Grasslands is a tradition, and one of the ways to celebrate the arrival of summer for millions of Americans.  

8 Tips for How to Clean a Boat Properly

Your quick, step-by-step guide on how to clean a boat. Eight boat cleaning tips for all types of boats and boat owners. Care for your boat and make it last!

How to Fish with Live Shrimp or Minnows Under a Popping Cork

For inshore coastal species, how to fish with live shrimp or minnows under a popping cork is about bait and hook size, rig types and uses, technique, and more

The 5 Best Types of Boating Sports for Families

There are more types of boating sports today than ever before! Here are the top five water sports that are fun for families of all ages.

Which Texas Rig Knot Should You Be Tying?

Learn which Texas rig knot works best with different types of line, why these two Texas knots are worth learning to tie before your next bass fishing trip

Free Fishing Days 2019: How to Take Full Advantage

Learn about free fishing days 2019, how you can take advantage of state free fishing days, tips to make the most of free fishing weekends with friends, family

3 Presentations for Soft Bait Lures

Soft bait lures catch fish in a variety of waters and conditions. They are versatile and work in any depth. Learn how.

National Safe Boating Week 2019: How To Do Your Part

National Safe Boating Week 2019. Spread awareness about boating safety and the importance of wearing a life jacket. Learn how you can get involved.

Three Differences with Split grip rods

Fishing rod grips can vary in composition, feel, and design. The split grip may be a type of fishing rod that fits your style of fishing.

The Right Fly (and Why)

The following was produced with our friends at L.L.Bean, who believe that, on the inside, we're all outsiders.

Try a slip bobber for summer sunfish

A good way to catch these fish is to use a slip bobber, which makes casting easy even when you want to fish in 10 feet of water or more.

White Sturgeon Fishing is OK, Beluga Fishing is Not

Beluga sturgeon are critically endangered, so there’s no legal beluga fishing; white sturgeon are not endangered, so you can fish for them. Here’s the details.

Celebrate Mom this month with a fishing trip adventure

Mother's Day is coming up, which means it's the perfect opportunity to get out on the water with Mom, have an adventure, and spend some quality time together.

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