November 2014

Many Hands Make Light Work

One day last fall, I was walking the beach and saw a tangle of monofilament fishing line washed up on shore.

The Big Fish Picture

The number and size of fish caught by anglers are the most popular information.

Why We Love Fish Conservation Projects (and You Should, Too)

When you have a “less than stellar” day of fishing, which excuses do you use? My list tends to include things like the weather, a lack of bait, the wrong bait, the fact that I forgot my lucky fishing hat or the fact that another boat or person was in my favorite spot.

Conservation Programs for Which we Give Thanks

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and as I’ve looked at the world around me I realize that I have a tremendous amount for which to be thankful.

Constant Contact: 5 Great Tips for Catch and Release Fishing

One of the most effective ways to catch fish is to use natural bait.

5 Key Benefits of the Sport Fish Restoration Program

Did you know that you are helping to support the Sport Fish Restoration Program when you buy fishing tackle, fishing equipment and boat fuel?

10 Awesome Holiday Gift Ideas for Anglers

Was it the Rudolph sweatshirt complete with flashing light for a nose?

Wildlife & Sport Fish Restoration Program

The Wildlife & Sport Fish Restoration Program (WSFR) is one of the industries best kept secrets. And it shouldn’t be, for every time boaters and anglers purchase gear, buy a fishing license or fuel up their boats they are supporting the program.

Hare Today

Not only is fall a great time to go fishing, but many people also get decked out in camouflage this time of year to go hunting. Some outdoor adventurers, like contributor Tom Keer, may even work in both activities during a brisk fall day.

Fishing Licenses and Boat Registrations Help With Conservation

The card or slip of paper in your wallet issued by your state fish and game agency, the paperwork on your boat, the identification numbers on your hull…

License Sales: Where Does the Revenue Go?

Sometimes, I flinch when I buy things. Insurance, that necessary evil, is one that I pay for every month but never seem to use.  Gasoline for my truck; seems like every time I turn around I need to pump some more.  I wonder about some of the expenses, but I never second guess buying my fishing license.

6 Catch and Release Fishing Tools You Should be Using

You may have heard the popular saying, "let 'em go and let 'em grow" as it pertains to releasing your catch.

Steel Stockings

In general the colder it gets, the grumpier I get. However, there is one bonus of numb fingers: steelhead.

Purchase a Fishing License