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October 2015

5 Boater Safety Courses That Prevent Common Accidents

A boater safety course might not remind you to put the plug in your boat to keep her from filling up with water.

How to Improve Fish Hook Safety When Using Multi Hook Rigs

Depending on the regulations in your state, you may be able to fish with rigs that have multiple hooks.

Fishing First Aid Kit Essentials

By applying safe boating and fishing practices, you can prevent most injuries while enjoying your time on the water without incident.

10 Safety Tips for Fishing with Kids

A family day on the water is ideal, and to keep it fun you'll need a few safety tips for fishing with kids.

Boat Show or No?

A boat show can be a great source of information if you are in the market for a boat.

7 Clues That It's Time to Take a Boater Safety Course

When you sign up for a boater safety course, you're taking an important step toward being a responsible boater.

5 Online Boating Safety Courses You Can Take Right Now

Taking an online boating safety course is an easy way to pass time the non-boating time of year while getting ready for the upcoming season.

Keeping it Creel: A Conservation and Management Tool

To help conserve and manage a fishery, biologists use a variety of scientific sampling methods to collect data such as seines, trap nets, and electrofishing.

Fishing Safety Rules for Kids that Every Parent Should Know

The best fishing days are safe fishing days. With all of the excitement that often surrounds an upcoming fishing trip, don't forget to run through a list of fishing safety rules for kids beforehand.

5 Injuries Requiring a Fishing First Aid Kit

Most of us never need a fishing first aid kit, but when we do it’s usually for good reason.

Fishing Safety Tips: Selecting Clothes

Fall is a great time to go fishing and boating.

Super Easy Ways to Increase Fish Survival Rates

With overall U.S. fishing participation numbers up at nearly 46 million people, it’s important that all anglers take the time to learn more about how to increase fish survival rates when releasing a catch.

10 Essential Tools to Keep on Board Your Boat

What do you do when the latch that secures the lid on your livewell won’t lock and you just finished throwing a cast net for two hours so that you’d have enough bait for a day of fishing?

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