October 2017

Tips for Fishing Lake Wylie

Anglers from the Charlotte area have a lot of quality water near by.  Savvy anglers try Lake Wylie especially in the spring and the fall.

7 Reasons to Take an Advanced Boating Course

There are literally dozens of reasons to take an advanced boater safety course. While the subject matter of each advanced boating course may be different depending on the type of course and administrator, these are a few examples

Learn Best Times to Fish for Catfish for Better Results

Catfish are strong, highly prized by anglers. The best time to catch catfish often is at night but there can be some other great times too.

Easy-to-Tie A Red Drum Rig that Work & Put Fish on Sand

The Fall redfish bite is white hot.  Try these top red drum fishing rigs and get in on the action before it's over.  

5 Amazing Marine Conservation Areas & Why We Need Them

Marine conservation areas help protect delicate ecosystems, fish species, marine life. Learn more about five amazing conservation areas, why they are important

What’s in Your Boat Safety Kit? Tips so You Get What You Need

Boating is great fun but safety needs to be top priority. A handy boat safety kit will help. Here are some considerations.

6 Reasons to Fish in Lake Lanier in Georgia

Anglers in Georgia head to Lake Lanier for good reason.  It's one of the state's top fisheries. 

10 Boating Skills You Need When Learning How to Boat

Find out about basic boating skills you should know before taking the helm. Safe boating skills and seamanship practices that every boater should make priority 

Catch more fish with these Fall Bass Fishing Lures Tips

The transition to fall requires a transition of fishing lures to be productive. Here are three characteristics of fall bass fishing lures.

Essential Deep Sea Fishing Gear You Can’t Go Without

Heading offshore on a deep sea fishing trip requires some prep.  Whether you're trolling up a sailfish, jigging for cod, or looking to hook up a tuna you'll need stout tackle, sea legs, and a strong back.  Fishing far from land is magical, so follow these 6 tips and have the time of your life.

Best Tackle Boxes for Your Saltwater Fishing Trips

Learn about best tackle boxes for saltwater fishing. Find out which fishing tackle box features can help keep your saltwater tackle organized, ready to use

Herencia Hispana y Pesca: Comparte la tradición.

Hay diversas maneras de celebrar este mes de la herencia hispana que inicia el 15 de septiembre y se celebra hasta el 15 de octubre.

Several Top Trout Fishing Rigs for All Seasons

Trout fishing is tremendously popular. Because of the wide range of habitat and feeding preferences, it is helpful to know a variety of presentations for these fun fish. 

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