September 2016

Fly Fishing in Glacier National Park

I’m on a perpetual quest to simplify my life. I keep my inbox at Ground 0, each correspondence neatly sorted into a file or—as I prefer them—permanently deleted

5 Tips to Get Your Kids Excited about Fishing

Want to get your kids excited about fishing? Here are 5 tips.

Celebra el mes de la herencia hispana. Vamos a pescar!

National Hispanic Heritage Month del 15 de Septiembre hasta el 15 de Octubre se conmemoran las contribuciones que nosotros los hispanos hacemos a los Estados Unidos. 

Fly Fishing Knots: Non-Slip Loop Knot

The non-slip loop knot is one of the top fly fishing knots to use for tying your fly to your leader. This quick video will show you the easy steps for tying it

5 Fly Tying Knots for Realistic Presentation

Catch more fish by using the right knots for fly fishing.

4 Things to Add to Your Boat Show Schedule

You've been checking out the fall boat show schedule and have plans to attend a few in your state.

5 Things Fishing has Taught Our Family

It’s amazing to me to see our boys grow up and spend their time thoughtfully, intentionally, developing new skills like fishing and boating.

5 Fly Casting Tips for Quick Improvement

Fly fishing is easy if you let the rod do the work. Learn these five fly fishing basics to improve your technique and catch more!

My First Catch with my Father

Dad taught me at four the fulfillment of spending time with others in the outdoors and the importance of making time for your children.

Celebrate National Hunting and Fishing Day 2016

The National Hunting and Fishing Day is September 24th this year. It is a great way to appreciate the outdoors and support wildlife conservation.

Fly Fishing Knots: The Perfection Loop Knot

One of the fly fishing knots that you may need to use to connect your leader to your fly line is the perfection loop knot. This video will show you the simple steps for tying it…perfectly!

The story of my first catch

You never forget your #FirstCatch. One minute. All the feels: Watch for yourself and leave a comment below telling me about your experience with fishing and boating.

Learn How to Fish in the Weeds for Big Bass

Boating and fishing in aquatic vegetation can be challenging. Here are some tips to finding the big fish that lurk there.

The Real Thing

Today is “National Video Game Day.”

The Curious Case for Tenkara

They say “what’s old is often new,” and that’s certainly the case with the trendy new style of fly fishing called “tenkara.”

5 New Ways to Approach Fall Trout Fishing

Change your approach when trout fishing in the fall and catch more fish. 

A Lovely Weekend Spent on Sand, Pier and Sea

Groundhog Day was a fun movie to watch as a kid. The idea that you can do the same day over and over is awesome.

4 Blunders to Avoid When Buying a New Boat

By attending a boat show, you can easily compare different brands while learning about the latest innovations in boating, all at one venue. This opportunity will help you avoid making any blunders as you prepare to purchase your new fish-catching or cruising machine. 

How to Protect Spawning Fish in the Fall

Fall fishing can offer some of the hottest action of the year, but it’s spawning season for some fish species. Follow these these fall fishing tips to help you preserve spawning fish now, so you have more to catch next year.

Washington is a Bass Fishing Hotspot

Washington’s abundant collection of lakes, rivers and reservoirs are well-known for trout and salmon, but those aren’t the only fish species anglers are reeling in around the Evergreen State. In fact, Washington offers some of the best bass fishing opportunities in the country. 

How Fish Data Protects Aquatic Ecosystems

Learn how aquatic resources are managed and conserved based on information collected about fish age, growth rates, and influencing factors. Fisheries research improves many waterways, including local fishing spots. 

5 Easy Ways to Find the Boat of Your Dreams

I recently read a report that there are 87.3 million recreational boaters in the United States.  In addition, over half a million new boats are sold each year while just under a million used boats trade hands.

4 Totally Creative Saltwater Fly Tying Patterns

From the use of UV dyes to the incorporation of unusual color combinations and materials, check out these four totally creative saltwater fly tying patterns and learn why they are particularly effective!

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