September 2017

5 Ways to Take Advantage of Year-Round Cod Fishing Season

It's with good reason that anglers love to catch cod.  They're easy to catch and delicious to eat.  An offshore trip usually includes seeing whales, so pack your gear and sail the high seas.

Strongest Fishing Knot for Beginners: Palomar Knot in 4 Steps

Learn about strongest fishing knot for beginners. Find out why the Palomar Knot is a good terminal knot to start with, get easy steps to tie this knot here.

Shad Lures: All You Need to Know to Become an Expert

Shad are a dominant prey item in much of the United States. Because of this, there are many types of shad lures. Here are some tips for this effective presentation.

Hot Chicago River Fishing places to go

Fishing season in Chicago is about to kick up a notch, so grab your gear and hit these four spots.

A Few Spots to Help You Know Where to Go Fishing in Bay Area

Decide where to go fishing in bay area, CA with these family freshwater, saltwater spots. Find top bay area fishing spots for your next California fishing trip

Chesapeake Bay Sport Fishing & Its Place in History

The Chesapeake Bay is a huge sport fishing area which is tremendously important to the region. Here’s why.

4 of the Best Boating Lakes in the USA to Go This Year

Folks in these lake regions are serious boaters.  Boats are part of their everyday life.

Look for These 5 Underrated Florida Freshwater Fish Species

Learn about Florida freshwater fish that are fun to catch, perfect for family fishing trips. These five fish species may not be popular, but are worth pursuing

A Few Important Freshwater Fish Identification Tips

Depending on where you fish, the type of fish caught may vary greatly. Knowing how to identify freshwater fish is important. Here are some helpful tips.

3 Types of Fish Habitat Restoration Efforts Improving Water

One reason we have so many fish to catch is because of strong conservation practices.  These three groups are some of the many great organizations that enhance rivers, lakes and habitat.  Get involved and help improve our fisheries!

Best Saltwater Fishing Day Trips From Orlando

Learn about best saltwater fishing Orlando spots within a short drive. Areas close to Orlando offer inshore, offshore saltwater fishing for the family

Simple Tips on How to Catch Croaker & Why They’re Prized

The Atlantic croaker is a feisty small fish that is very common and not difficult to catch. Here are some tips.

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