September 2022

Hispanic Heritage Month: How Did Tampa Bay Anglers Start

Thanks to the George H.W. Busch Vamos A Pescar Education Fund, Tampa Bay Kayak Anglers was launched as a registered non-profit organization to help the hispanic community in Tampa to learn to fish from a kayak. Read their story here. 

Diversify the Water: Breaking Down Barriers in Fishing & Boating

Fishing is an experience that connects us to nature, and everyone should feel safe enough to show up and have access to the water. Here are Naomi's tips for BIPOC getting on the water for the first time, or for the first time in a long time.

5 Pond Fishing Tips for the Fall Season

Check out these pond fishing tips for beginners and don’t miss out on one of the best times of year to enjoy the outdoors.

Best Homemade Bait for Catfish

A guide to making your own homemade catfish bait with tips on what works best and why for attracting fish.

What Tools Comprise the Best Fly Tying Kit for Beginners?

Here are the essential tools used in fly tying and which should be included in the best fly tying kit for beginners

Your Fishing Bike Setup Guide

Learn how a fishing bike setup, with a bike fishing rod holder, and the best bike trails for fishing, can enhance your fishing life.

5 Facts About National Hunting and Fishing Day

Five facts to know about National Hunting and Fishing Day. How it originated, how to celebrate NHF Day, how it helps to create awareness about conservation

Basic fly fishing equipment

A list of fly fishing equipment can be lengthy. However, here are the basics to get you started with this unique fishing experience.

Mes de la Herencia Hispana: Como Empezó Tampa Bay Anglers

Gracias a la iniciativa de fondos educativos, George H.W. Busch Vamos a Pescar, Tampa Bay Kayak Anglers pudo lanzarse como organización sin fines de lucro para ayudar a la comunidad hispana de Tampa a pescar en kayak. Lea su historia aqui

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

If you’re looking to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month this year, the water offers plenty of opportunities to pay tribute to the Hispanic culture. Find out how. 

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month With Fishing and Families

A record number 4.2 million Hispanic Americans are active in fishing and boating, while nearly half say that such activities are part of their cultural heritage.

Why Choose a Boat Jet Engine vs Propeller?

Here’s why you would choose a boat jet engine vs propeller, including advantages and disadvantages of a jet engine and how it operates

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