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Artificial Bait for Ice Fishing: Vertical Lures That Work

Vertical fishing is the game, so jigging spoons, balanced fish-profile jigging lures, and...

4 Fly Patterns you can use Fly Fishing for Bluegill

Fly fishing for bluegill is a great family outdoor activity. Learn which bluegill flies to use...

4 Best Freshwater Fish for Alligator Gar Bait

If you want to know which alligator gar bait to use, this list of the best bait for alligator gar...

4 Totally Creative Saltwater Fly Tying Patterns

From the use of UV dyes to the incorporation of unusual color combinations and materials, check...

6 Saltwater Lures to Try in Fresh Water

Have a freshwater fishing trip coming up, but want to use tackle that you already have? Read...

How to Keep Your Fishing Tackle Super Organized

Want to catch more fish and spend less time looking for lures? Use these tips to create an...

5 Fishing Lures That Do Double Duty

If you are like me, the first saltwater fishing lures that come to mind are for deep sea tackle...

Bizarre Fish Foods

There are many benefits to artificial lures.

5 Things to Know About Using Soft Plastic Worms for Bass

Soft plastic worms are some of the best bass lures to use when fishing areas of heavy vegetation...

F.L.Y. Fishing (Favorite Lures of Youth)

Do you remember your favorite fishing lure as a kid?

Lure Testing Facilities

In an angler’s continuing quest to “think like a fish,” we carefully examine...

Out of this World

All fishing is fun, but top-water action functions on a higher plane.

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