Fishing Paddle Boards

Fishing paddle boards, also referred to as fishing SUPS, are a good option if you like to explore new saltwater backcountry or remote freshwater fishing spots because they are lightweight and easy to transport. Learn about the different types of paddle boards in this section.

A fishing paddle board will also give you a visual advantage over a canoe or kayak since you are in a standing position. While standing, you are in a better position to look down into the water to spot schools of baitfish, vegetation or structure.

If you want to get in a workout while sight casting to redfish on the saltwater flats, for example, paddle board fishing might be your new favorite outdoor activity. Paddleboard fishing can help improve your level of physical fitness and coordination since you will have to paddle to and from your fishing spots. Then, when you hook into your first catch while on a paddle board, you will have to learn how to balance on the paddle board while fighting your fish.

Types of Fishing SUPS

Fishing paddle boards are made in a range of sizes and shapes. Some are made from wood, some from fiberglass, and others are made of inflatable PVC. If you are trying to decide which type of fishing SUP is right for you, think about where you plan to fish and the type of fishing you like to do. Generally speaking, the best paddle board for fishing has a wide, V-shaped hull, which offers stability and a quieter ride while having enough cargo space for your paddle board fishing gear.

Inflatable Fishing SUPS

This type of fishing paddle board is most often made from a military grade PVC that is extremely strong and durable. These paddle boards can withstand use along rocky shorelines or rivers without damage. Although, the primary benefit of an inflatable paddle board is portability. Many inflatable SUPS can deflate and compact down to fit inside of a backpack after use. Anyone can transport this type of fishing paddle board with ease.

Fiberglass Paddle Boards

Fiberglass fishing paddle boards usually have a foam core that keeps them lightweight and provides additional buoyancy. Some fiberglass paddle boards have catamaran hulls, which are useful for fishing because the multi-hull design will give you a combination of speed and stability with very little drag. Fiberglass paddle boards are best when used along sandy shorelines or when fishing the flats. Rocky shorelines or other types of abrasive structure can cause scrapes and dings in the fiberglass.

Wood Paddle Boards

Paddle boards made of wood are sturdier and heavier than inflatable or fiberglass boards, so they aren't as easy to transport, but they are made to last for many years. This type of paddle board is often handcrafted and custom made. Just keep in mind that many wood paddle boards are surf-style paddle boards with a rounded front. When waves hit the front of a rounded board, there will be more noise or hull slap. This noise can spook fish when paddling through shallow water areas. However, there are v-hull wooden paddle boards which will make less noise as they cut through the water.

Find out how to get started stand up paddle board fishing or SUP fishing in the next section.