Flat Boats

These boats are popular in coastal areas where redfish, tarpon, permit and bonefish live.

Flats Boats Details

Average Length: 17 to 25 ft. 
Capacity: 3 
Propulsion Type: Outboard engine 
Trailerable: Yes 
Hull Type: Flat 

Activities You Can Do With Your Family on This Boat

Flats boats are some of the most versatile small boats on the market today. While they are often used as saltwater fishing boats and inshore fishing boats, you will have a great time with your family doing much more than just fishing. These boats not only are perfect for flats fishing but provide an amazing way to get up close and personal with nature. Since these boats are designed with flat bottoms, you can easily get to nearshore areas that would be harder to reach with a v-hull. Take your camera on board and get amazing nature shots, or grab a book and relax while you are on the water. These boats are also great for families, as kids can look down into shallow water from them.

Advantages of Flats Boats

Flats boats are the leading type of shallow water boat. With completely flat bottoms, they are easy to handle and can navigate shallow waters, which makes them ideal for ponds, lakes, rivers and shallow areas of larger lakes and oceans. Known as a skiff, this type of boat design features an outboard engine that can get you from place to place. You may also want to add a trolling motor, which will allow you to make slight adjustments to your position without starting up your outboard. The bottom of this boat makes it ideal for flats fishing by allowing you to look for species that specifically like shallower water.

Advice From Experts

Experts say that when you are looking at shallow water boats that can be used for fishing, consider the power that the boat has as well as the accessories. Skiffs should have an outboard engine that is powerful enough to get you where you want to go but not so powerful that it can cause issues on the water. A flat-bottom boat won’t cut through the water in the same way that a v-hull will, so having the right amount of power is important.

Accessories are important as well. If you are looking for a saltwater fishing boat or an inshore fishing boat, then adding coolers, livewells, rod holders, sun shades and padded seating will help you to enjoy your day on the water. Flats fishing boats typically come in a pretty basic form, but you can add as many accessories as you would like to suit your purposes.

Why Buy a Flats Boat

This boat is ideal for a family that wants to enjoy nature or for those who love the peace and quiet of nearshore fishing. With a flat bottom and an outboard motor, it can be used in both saltwater and freshwater and is a great way to experience nature as well as the fun of fishing. Ideal for families with kids, a flats boat will teach your family to love the water.

Don’t forget to register your boat, check your state boating rules and regulations before you leave the dock. Learn more about house boats in our next section.