Sedan Bridge Boats

These boats have ample living accommodations, including AC, and an electrical generator.

Sedan Bridge Boat Details

Average Length: 26 to 70 ft. 
Capacity: Varies 
Propulsion Type: Inboard engine, stern-drive engine 
Trailerable: Yes 
Hull Type: Vee, deep-vee 

Sedan Bridge Boats

Sedan bridge boats are essentially the same as a sportfishing yacht, but without the emphasis on the fishing part. Meaning the tuna lookout tower and fishing amenities have been exchanged for more deck space and creature comforts, like a swim platform. A helm in the cabin as well as on the fly bridge above give driving options for sunny or rainy days. They have ample living accommodations, including an electrical generator, AC and plumbing.

Sedan bridge boats are certainly not made for speed, but they are made for entertaining and taking long trips. These small yachts have enough rooms and amenities, like a bathroom and a cooking area, to be live aboard boats. In fact, some people say they are one step away from being houseboats. There are several places to congregate on a sedan bridge boat. There are the cockpit and the inside living spaces, and the fly bridge is like a balcony overlooking everything.

Activities You Can Do With Your Family on Sedan Bridge Boats

This boat is a social boat. This is not the boat to take on large fishing trips or to speed around a lake. Sedan bridge boats are made for family boating. There are plenty of places to hang out, offering a change in scenery once in a while. Like cabin cruisers, sedan bridge boats have roomy areas that are protected from the elements. Like other flybridge boats, they have a high stationed bridge that offers unparalleled views of the water and scenery.

Advantages of Sedan Bridge Boats

They feature a roomy, open plan that has a lot of amenities. Even if it rains, people like to look out over the water from the comfort of their bar. The living areas are protected from the weather and are climate-controlled. They are also above deck, so people don't have to give up a nice view in exchange for comfort. In most sedan bridge boats, the engine is below the cockpit. This keeps engine noise to a minimum, which is good, considering how much time you'll be spending on this boat. It's really made for long journeys.

Advice From Experts

Many other boats have living spaces that are below deck. Once people have tried the sedan bridge, they compare below-deck rooms to “dungeons” or “caves.” The other boat layouts seem inferior in comparison. The living spaces are above the water, which offers a great view of the surroundings but takes a little bit to get used to. There are usually no concerns about windage since the larger boat's extra weight keeps it from rocking, but if you are up in the flybridge, expect some wind. One thing to take into consideration is how well you and your family handle stairs. If you have trouble with them, then this kind of boat is not for you. Since it is a high boat, you might have to wait for small bridges to open.

Why Buy This Boat

Like having a condominium on the water, the sedan bridge boat offers a home away from home for those who love boating. If you expect, or hope to expect, to spend every weekend using your boat, then it needs to have the kind of space and comforts you need. These kinds of boats offer all that and more.

Don’t forget to register your boat, check your state boating rules and regulations before you leave the dock. Learn more about sportfishing boats in our next section.