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RBFF Women Making Waves Video Reels

RBFF Women Making Waves Video Reels in Two GlobalTrend Awards

RBFF Women Making Waves Video Reels in Two GlobalTrend Awards

September 2018

The Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation's (RBFF) Women Making Waves video has been honored by GlobalTrend, who recognizes outstanding videos from throughout the world every year. The focal point of RBFF’s Women’s Initiative, the video won awards in the nonprofit and nature/wildlife categories.

“Reaching out to and including emerging audiences in fishing and boating will prove to be critical in reaching our 60 in 60 goal,” said RBFF President and CEO Frank Peterson. “With females making up 45% of new participants and growing, it makes sense to focus on welcoming this audience to the water.”

While newcomers to fishing are more likely to be female, these new anglers are also less likely to return to the sport the following year. In fact, RBFF and the Outdoor Foundation’s 2017 Special Report on Fishing revealed only 19.3% of women and girls thought a fishing participant looks like them. With that in mind, RBFF and its Take Me Fishing™ brand sought to make women feel more welcomed on the water, empowering them to lead the next generations of anglers. The video, produced in partnership with RBFF’s creative agency, ColleMcVoy and part of the larger Making Waves initiative, features powerful taglines paired with strong women, moms and girls, all enjoying their time on the water.

“This is an exciting time for the fishing and boating industry. Women are heading to the water in record numbers and we now have the opportunity to develop these new anglers into ambassadors for future generations. We are proud to be leading our industry in providing a rallying cry for women across the country,” said RBFF Director of Marketing Rachel Piacenza.

Each year, the GlobalTrend Awards seek to recognize the best in video content through awards for writing, production, cinematography and more, promoting the video art form. The GlobalTrend Awards provide a platform to showcase talent, gaining award winners international recognition. RBFF’s Women Making Waves video took home awards in the GlobalTrend Awards nonprofit and nature/wildlife categories for work dedicated to promoting and advancing worthwhile causes and our natural environment.