Find Your Best Self

Find Your Best Self on the Water

When you cast off, you never know what you’ll reel in. Research shows the real catch isn’t something you can hold or see – but something you can feel.

Women who fish have more…


1 in 4 women who fish say it helps them manage their moods and long-term stress.


Almost half of women who fish say fishing teaches them patience.


Women who fish are more likely to say that setbacks don’t discourage them.


Women who fish are more likely to say their health is very good.


1 in 5 women who fish feel like they can do anything they set their mind to.

Ipsos (May 2022). Identifying What Gives Female Anglers an ‘Edge’.

There’s something in the water.

Get hooked on the life-changing benefits of fishing.

Before you reel anything in, you’ll need a fishing license.