Freshwater Fishing License

Freshwater Fishing License

A freshwater fishing license will provide you with endless opportunities to make new memories on the water. Learn more about freshwater fishing licenses here.

It's easy to buy a freshwater fishing license and get started because there are freshwater fishing spots in every state that are accessible by boat or from shore. Once you purchase a fishing license, you'll soon discover that freshwater fishing is one of the best ways to spend time outdoors with friends and family. Besides, buying a freshwater license is fast and simple to do!

Aside from the benefit of hours of fun on the water, a freshwater fishing license purchase helps contribute to the conservation of state aquatic resources. State agencies provide fishing education, conservation workshops, and other outreach programs using funds from fishing license purchases.

Where To Get Your Fishing License

You will need to purchase a freshwater fishing license if you want to fish in any state, no matter if you are a visitor or a full-time resident. Buying a recreational fishing license is an easy process because there are several convenient ways to do it. In most cases, you will be provided with a confirmation number or reference number as soon as you make your purchase so that you can start fishing right away.

If you're wondering where to buy fishing license cards or permits for freshwater, here are a few options:

  • Buy freshwater fishing license online.
  • Purchase your license by phone.
  • Buy your license through a local retail agent.
  • Check with your county tax collectors' office.

Keep in mind that you may be required to verify your state residency using your driver's license number or state identification card. Also, many states do not require children under a certain age or senior citizens to purchase a fishing license. Be sure to check the freshwater fishing license requirements for your state before you make your purchase.

How Much Is A Fishing License?

Freshwater fishing is an affordable and family-friendly way to spend time on our nation's lakes, rivers, streams, and ponds. Just remember that freshwater fishing license prices will vary from state to state depending on a few factors.

  • Are you a state resident or a visitor?
  • Do plan to buy a long-term license (such as a lifetime license) or a short-term license (for a day or for the year)?
  • Are you a veteran or member of the military?
  • Are you an individual with disabilities?

If you are accustomed to buying a short-term freshwater fishing license, you may want to inquire with your state agency about a lifetime license. Long-term licenses are worth the investment because they help you save money and time if you fish often. You won't ever have to worry about renewing a lifetime license. If you want to know exactly how much a fishing license costs in your state, just visit our state fishing license pages for more information.