Get a Hawaii Fishing License

There are many freshwater and saltwater species to choose from when you fish in Hawaii. Learn the requirements for a Hawaii fishing license before heading out.

Get a Hawaii Fishing License
Fishing License


Since fishing regulations help protect and preserve fish our state fish populations, it is important that every angler check the current set of regulations before each fishing trip. All states have a distinct set of regulations, and most are updated by the season or by the month.


Imagine what a lake, pond, stream, river or the ocean would be like if there were no fishing regulations in place. One of the most important ways you can help contribute to conservation efforts is to be able to properly identify each fish species. When you how to correctly name and identify the fish species in your state or area, you can be mindful of spawning periods for that particular species and handle the species in the most conservation-minded manner. For example, a venting tool is often used on deep water species such as grouper or snapper.

Hawaii Fishing License Information

All anglers must have a permit to freshwater fish in Hawaii. Minors under 9 may fish with a licensee.

Many marine shoreline and freshwater areas of the state are private property and permission of the landowner is required for access. Most reservoirs, stream banks and even stream beds in Hawaii are privately owned. Unless these waters are officially designated as Public Fishing Areas, fishing is allowed only by special permission from the landowner.

Public Fishing Areas
Kaua‘i: Koke‘e, Wailua
O‘ahu: Wahiawā
Hawai‘i: Waiākea

Fishing is allowed in most State Forest Reserve Areas.

A permit is not required for marine fishing as long as the catch is not sold.

Where to Purchase

Licenses can be purchased online, in person, or at an authorized agent.

Fishing Permit for Residents

Minor - $4.00
Resident - $6.00
Senior - $1.00

Fishing Permit for Nonresidents

Non-Resident - $26.00
7-day Tourist - $11.00
30-day Tourist - $21.00

Other Permits

The Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Marine Refuge is a marine protected area that requires an entry permit for all activities taking place in state waters. Permit applications and instructions can be downloaded from the Papahanaumokuakea Monument’s website. There is no fee for the permit.

The Wahiawa Public Fishing Area (O’ahu) also requires an entry permit. There is no fee for the permit and it can be purchased when obtaining a fishing license.