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Fishing with Kids

Fishing with Kids

A family day on the water is ideal and to keep it fun you'll need a few safety tips for fishing with kids.

Safety Tips For Fishing With Kids

Here are some important safety tips to keep in mind if you are planning to go fishing and boating with kids. Safety is really important to enjoy a great day on the water. Here is a checklist to get ready for your next fishing trip!

1. Use Protective Eyewear

Fishing safety for kids begins with protective eyewear. Polarized sunglasses are ideal for reducing eye strain and for spotting fish, and invaluable for protection from branches when walking into a pond or from lures being tossed by other kids. If you are night fishing, add a pair of clear glasses from a hardware store.

2. Use Barbless Hooks

Should a child (or an adult) be snagged, barbless hooks are far easier to remove. Barbed hooks are important when baitfishing, and a serviceable option is to slightly bend them down.

3. Put on PFDs

Another must have safety item when fishing with kids: PFDs. Kids in kayaks, canoes or boats are safer when wearing a Personal Floatation Device.

4. Take a Float and Line

Having a float and line to toss to kids in the water is a good idea either when fishing from land or from a boat.

5. Clearly Define Rules

Kids want to have fun, but running around a wet boat deck shouldn't be one of them. Teaching fishing skills (and etiquette) includes setting the rules ahead of time and having the little ones follow them throughout the trip. This is especially important when fishing with a toddler to keep him or her away from items that could cause harm.

6. Bring Drinks and Snaks

Juices. Bug juice, sunscreen, and drinks are important to have to keep bugs away and to prevent either sunburn or dehydration.

7. Use Kid-Friendly Tackle

Some rod outfits are long and heavy, and younger kids simply can't handle them very well. Pack light-weight kids fishing gear (even toddler fishing gear is available) that makes their fishing easier.

8. Wear Appropiate Clothing

Fishing safety for kids also requires appropriate clothing. Rain or wind gear, fleece or wool, and sneakers or boat shoes keeps kids warm and dry.

9. Take a First Aid Kit

Have the normal bandages, gauze pads, cleaning and disinfecting liquids and gels, and pain medication are important when fishing with kids.

10. Carry a Whistle

Yeah you might look like a lifeguard or a football coach, but when kids stray upwind of you a blast or two gets them back.

With those thoughts in mind you'll be ready to handle most situations and focus on fishing. Visit our page to learn more about Fishing safety gear.